From time to time while boating, it is required to have a flow of water enter the boat. Examples include engine and transmission cooling, water for the bait well, or in the case of wake boarding and other similar sports, for ballasting the boat. Currently,

Zellige is a traditional Moroccan art for decorating walls and floors of mosques, houses and public buildings. There are three steps to manufacture zellige: firstly manufacturing the tiles, then cut them, and finally turned them upside. To secure them better,

The project focuses on analysis and design of a special hospital bed designed for the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation. The bed is adjusted for the use at the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation not only with its look but also with its functions.

The aim of the project was to develop a hydro power plant for sustainable development. After going through the past and current prevailing scenarios, it was inferred that there were no sources of clean energy in the urban metropolitan today and one was desperately required.

Absences of permanent magnets, high fault tolerant, low cost and competitive weight, are some of the key features of the Linear Switched Reluctance Motor, hereafter LSRM. The aim of this project is to develop an LSRM drive system for mass rapid transit system (MRTS).

A method for termination of tornadoes – as soon as they are noticed on radar and long before they can touch down to become destructive – is proposed.

In the US more than 1,000 tornadoes ‘touch down’ annually, causing significant damage.

INTRODUCTION: In general, the mentally challenged people are either tied up with iron chains or hand-cuffed, which are a quite inhuman practice as well as unsafe process. To avoid such kind of harmful procedure, the Detention Chair is designed. Otherwise it is a normal chair,

After the impact of ionizing and nonionizing radiation, manifold health impairments may take place, including thyroid, blood, eye, and skin damages, leukaemia, cancer of different organs, and a great many of other diseases. Though several attempts have been made in the past to discover anti-radiation medicines,

Direct current (DC) installation in apartments or houses

A reduction in the electricity consumption is the purpose, cut in expenditure to the equipment, environmental protection.

Elimination of unnecessary indirect cells in the electric negotiations.

Fewer electronic systems,

A Dirigible Space Elevator, a unique combination of aerospace design and geodesic geometry, has many monetary, efficiency and energy saving uses. The geodesic exo-structure allows any airship the ability to fly upwards at speeds exceeding 150 mph.

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