Currently, industrialized cities are implementing programs for waste separation. Although high costs are estimated for the selection process, the prisons have the possibility to become rehabilitation centers, intended to transform these institutions into clusters of production and selection of these materiales and stop being a burden on society.

This entry explores the possible use of cloud computing within various aviation systems. An aviation services cloud infrastructure is proposed in order to provide Cloud Computing (CC) to the aviation end user.

How it works:

When smoke is detected by a smoke detector, similar to those located in the lavatories, and now located in the cockpit, power is applied to the Relief Valve Assembly/solenoid which opens a pathway to the outside atmosphere.

Bicycles have capitalized an important place in the transportation industry since its inception. They are the cheapest, light weight and the most eco-friendly mode of transport till date using only manpower for the transit.

This design provides a large amount of aperture in a package that is well suited for transport into space. Instead of the large disc of a conventional telescope,

1. Purpose of the compensator
Low efficiency of existing electrical grid consists in too big energy losses and low power quality at all levels of the grid. It is estimated that 90% of grid disturbances are provoked by voltage sags and interruptions of duration less than one second.

In many areas of the world, the lack of readily available electrical energy, clean water, and employment opportunities are an interlocking problem that causes social strife, political conflicts, and limits the potential of millions of people. In a vicious circle,

The large numbers of wheeled Mine Protected, Ambush Resistant (MRAP) vehicles being fielded around the world are excellent at protecting their occupants from blast, fragments, and small arms fire.

A Compressed-air engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed air. A compressed-air vehicle is powered by an air engine, using compressed air, which is stored in a tank.

Is a fact that Earth is entering in a space where the asteroid activity is increasing, and some meteorites that were not detected at the  time have passed very close to Earth (luckily), or in the worst case hit the planet causing more than 1000 deaths (Russia incident).

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