Home automation technology is expensive and complicated to retrofit into existing homes.

Pluggx is a $10 Bluetooth enabled, Cost-Effective, Energy Efficient device that transforms your existing product into SmartPhone operated Smart Product.

Report :- http://db.tt/nGJ0Au8Z
Site :- www.pluggx.weebly.com
Video :- http://goo.gl/m42Mx

PluggX is a $10 universal, quick, easy and affordable device.

This low cost module can be easily be embedded in any appliances either by the user or by the manufacturer itself.

Just plug the PluggX device into any existing electrical appliances ranging from small light bulb to Geyser and control you can turn it on and off remotely from your SmartPhone.

Easy to implement in :-

Power Outlets
Home Automation

Conversion of 950va Tiger petrol generator to a renewable energy-RE powered 950va rotary genset is an experimental setup aim at carryout feasibility studies on ways of providing an alternating current- ac electricity generation for about 20hours /day. The 950va RE rotary genset is a combination of motor/generator arrangement. Its principle of operation is similar to normal inverter but energy draw from battery is only half of total energy consumed by normal inverter to produce same ac output.

Preliminary investigation was carried out to the best approach to establish such a technology inorder to contribute in solving problem of epileptic power supply in Nigeria and all third world countries.

From this activities, it is feasible with a 10 ...

Better side of the transmission of electricity through the HV DC are already proven! Application of DC / DC converters on the existing power grid, enabling translation T & D AC grid - into DC High Voltage Transmision & Distribution grid.

Application of DC / DC converters - transformers, at existing wired installations in the transmission and distribution system, we transform AC to DC network!

DC/DC step-up transformer, WITHOUT INDUCTIVE PARTS, shown on the link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToiZ4VgdIlI


DC/DC step-down transformer, WITHOUT INDUCTIVE PARTS,shown on the link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_1f5zEuCO8

are essential elements of future DC T&D network-grid !

It is only small, home-made devices, which prove new way for TRANSFORM DC/DC Voltage and Currents WITHOUT INDUCTIVE PARTS (coil, choke, transformers)! All ...

Unoccupied flying vehicles have had a huge impact on the modern battlefield. The technology to fly a combat aircraft from a ground based "flight deck" thousands of miles away is happening everyday. There are issues, however, with these vehicles, especially when it involves flying aircraft over peaceful, densely populated areas; or if it involves flying passengers. To aircraft operators, on the other hand, the operator of an aircraft, whether on the ground or on-board the vehicle, is at a minimum a cost liability, and in many hostile areas they can be a liability in other ways as well.

My idea is to reduce the cost and liability associated with the pilot by combining technologies. Instead of the current 2 ...

The Concept for Corgan was inspired as contracting codes begin to implement a plethora of green and health initiatives into per-existing regulations.Pavlich plans to introduce the product into the market to alleviate methane and fecal particles found within bathrooms while simultaneously preserving energy.

Corgan is a consumer product that has the ability to cross residential and commercial barriers. Some statistics surrounding commercial bathroom cleanliness include:

According to Harris Interactive survey,88% of respondents who visit restaurants agree that restroom cleanliness reflects the hygiene standards throughout the restaurant, including kitchen and food preparation areas.

According to a study by the International Sanitary Supply Association, 57% of restroom complaints come from unpleasant odor, Corgan has been proved to eliminate up to 90% ...

As far as this writer is aware, Cruise ship wastes are kept on board or possibly discharged far out at sea for no cost. To keep costs down for operators, certain marinas or nations could offer a barge based or mangrove/marina based bio-processing garden or off pump station. Using natural methods the waste food and fecal matter may be converted to clean water again.

Unfortunately, many of the stops of cruise ships are very pretty and susceptible to pollution therefore a barge that could remediate tank waste to higher or lower levels of perfection before being discharged to the sea may or may not be beneficial.

Thank you for considering this idea for implementation and entertainment.

Project artificial man ...

}Patented DAMPS TM Technology utilizes opposing super magnets to reduce heel strike over 68%, as recorded with F-Scan pressure surface mapping testing for Special Operation Forces (SOF) in 2006.

SAIC (Science International Applications Corporation)in San Diego, CA is our POC (Point of Contact) for the military since 1998.

Further independent third party 1G 3G & 5G accelerometer testing in 2012 proved again there are no comparable shock mitigation technology footwear available in the market place today.

DAMPS MKIV Smart Boots also completed successful PHASE I user testing with SORSE (Special Operations Research Development Test and Evaluation)and AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command)in 2010-2012. We are now pending a PHASE II contract award for 2013.

This Phase II double blind ...


Daring Cross is a groundbreaking invention that is both a functional, over-water transportation bridge as well as a tourist attraction and hub for recreation and commerce. Dating Cross borrows from a basic, elementary engineering concept: the seesaw. Yet it will span the New York Harbor between Manhattan and Governors Island and allow passengers to do the same. Once completed it would be the tallest man-made structure in the world when it is in the full, upright position.

Daring Cross consists of two gigantic See-Saw-like structures, each carrying a passenger gondola to 2,400 feet in the air, higher than the Freedom Tower, before slowly descending to the other side. These ...

Runoff from farms dumps fertilizer nutrients into the world’s oceans. This causes dead zones which are oxygen-starved where few or no fish can live. The Baltic Sea currently has a project to oxygenate dead areas using windmill and air pump technology (See http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/17/world/europe/dead-zone-baltic-oxygen). However, transporting air underwater requires expensive piping, much energy to overcome water buoyancy and ballasted piping to keep the bubble manifold from floating upward. Moreover, underwater manifold discharge nozzles may tend to plug with algae. One solution is to use electrolysis to separate the water oxygen from the water. This mature technology has many advantages over pumping air.

1. Electrolysis produces more oxygen than air;
2. Wires determine where the oxygen goes without ...

Deep Ocean Benthic Sampler (DOBS) possesses a unique capability to the fields of deep sea microbial ecology and natural products biotechnology: the ability to obtain a contamination-free benthic boundary layer sediment core samples and preserve in situ conditions of pressure and temperature upon retrieval to the ship. In addition a method of sub-sampling the main core without change of pressure of temperature. The sub sample can be transferred and frozen for mRNA, rRNA analysis or made into a slurry and pumped into a hyperbraic isolation culture chamber (ICC) for further research. These samples can then be pumped into a chemostat for continued growth.(The Chemostat & ICC are not part of my equipment; they belong to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.) ...

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