I worked hard out in the hot sun in Florida on my hands and knees laying out the house windows and doors. It became a problem with the paper blueprints kept tearing, and all my redline number getting smudged.This important size number from my door and window suppler is very important and I put those on my blueprints all the time and work.
My blueprints where getting destroyed after so many house layouts. I had to solve that paper from wearing out so fast. I came up with a blueprint saver folder and that took care of damaged blueprints.

The Product Description
Protecting work plans from the elements makes the Blueprint Protector a must have item.
I ...

The Birch Material Detector Locator (BMDL)™ is the answer to the growing problem of illegal and contraband explosives, bombs in most any facilities, government buildings and law enforcement agencies and schools. Like a handheld radar detector, this unique BMDL detection device is a long range security detector locator but unlike a radar detector, BMDL detects concealed guns, explosives, and most materials. That means no false triggers from other common items such as metals, compounds, gold, silver, chemicals, etc.

The BMDL has unique detection algorithms that filter out common metallic items but pinpoint specific materials that you may be looking to locate. This allows any concealed explosives and other bombs to be detected and found! The BMDL works right out ...

Bottle and Jar Opener QT-1

Technical field of Invention

This Bottle and Jar Opener is an original tool used to open jars or bottles in a different way than any product found currently on the market.

The principle of this tool is based on the fact that inside any jar (bottle), there is a vacuum effect created when the jar (bottle) is sealed and the lid is held tightly in place by a friction force.

To break the tightness between the lid of the jar (bottle), the Jar Opener tool sharp Impact pin (9) creates an impact on the lid, removes the vacuum and cancels out its friction force and the lid should be turned open easily.


The ...

The built in smartphone projector eliminates the need for additional devices to be purchased or attached to the smartphone.

The benefits allow a smartphone owner to have easy access to projecting video, pictures, presentations, movies, various "on-the-go" moments that typically are not available for the majority of smartphone owners.

The idea is an improvement and competitive compelling advantage over existing smartphones and additional devices as it becomes a smarter smartphone with the additional benefit it offers.

Positioned near the camera or on the edge for easier handling, the added hardware and software components would be manufactured in the same fashion as existing allowing smartphone manufacturers the ability to offer the added feature without compromising added costs or limited space.


Use of a digital gyroscope ( e.g. Gyrochip II ) placed above the rear axle of the car, driving a brake light system in such a way that the progressive brake lights become in stages:

1. deceleration
2..normal braking
3. emergency braking

After braking the brake lights remain on until acceleration starts ( information that is given by the gyroscope ) and then gradually diminish, telling the driver behind that we are moving on.

Apart from the braking gyroscope information could be used for:

1. driving habits and fuel consumption monitoring ( horisontal )
2. warning of the rear wheel grip loss ( lateral ...

Car safety is the main feature in car manufacturing procedure. Electrical monitoring and controlling devices have being used to detect the crash condition and reduce its damages while the platforms are designed to absorb the impact force by sacrificing themselves.

Our invention:
When you are falling onto the ground, the natural reaction makes you using your muscle energy to absorb the impact force to reduce the probable damages (Fig.1). This muscle is a missing part in safety chain system of the cars (Fig.2).

This muscle could be hydraulic jacks joined to the platform at one end and to the reinforced bumper at the other end. According to the car speed and the distance between the cars, the ...

Car Parking Booked System is a new way to book a parking area through your smartphone or by website. You have to register to make an ID before you make a reservation to get your parking spot. Just show your reservation ID to a parking officer and they will give you a ticket to enter the area. By Making A Reservation you already got free 1 hour parking and the spot to park. Which is you have to do payment online to do the reservation.

The main idea of this system is to provide a parking spot which is connected to the internet that you can access by your mobile device or by website. So you do not have ...

Besides the further reduction of the harmful gaseous emissions (HC, CO and NOx) to meet stringent emission limits, the discussion on lowering the CO2 emissions is omnipresent. Various solid materials like calcium oxide, zeolite, hydrotalcite, and silicon carbide nanotubes readily adsorb carbon dioxide.

A new family of three way catalytic converter-technologies offers to tune the catalyst system to the engine performance and the back pressure requirement, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, these technologies show improved performance in HC, CO, NOx, light-off, and in CO and NOx conversions under dynamic conditions. This again can positively impact the CO2 emissions as less harsh heating strategies for start is required. A low exhaust back pressure and ...

The Carplane® is a bi-modal air/road convergence vehicle, currently under construction at the Research Airport in Braunschweig, Germany.

Its primary market is the BRICS countries where inadequate road infrastructure and traffic congestion impede individual transport. Just like emerging economies solved their communications challenges by installing cheap transmission masts (rather than costly land-lines), the Carplane® uses easily-cleared, short airstrips to solves personal transport challenges (rather than costly road networks which take years to build and require tearing up the landscape).

In road-mode, the Carplane® employs electric drive to reach the nearest airstrip, consuming neither fuel nor emitting noise or fumes. Takeoff and landing are electric to limit noise. When flying cross-country and on longer road trips, a ...

The CASP Controller (Cascading Array of Sequenced Power), more specifically an ATX computer power supply controller, is a "motherboard invisible" means for providing supplemental ATX electrical power (AUX +5 and +12 VDC) to peripheral devices.

The range of devices being broad, such as liquid cooling appliances (over clocked systems), hard drive arrays (populated servers), multiple GPU and display drivers (HPC & Workstations), in addition to RAID, COMM, Audio and Video Capture cards, to USB controllers. In addition, the CASP Controller is capable of controlling via dry contacts, additional electrical current (Amps) capacity via the smooth isolated sequenced “stepping” of the attached ATX power supplies.

Providing greater electrical isolation between peripheral devices, reducing the opportunity for propagating electrical failures, mitigate ...

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