I worked hard out in the hot sun in Florida on my hands and knees laying out the house windows and doors. It became a problem with the paper blueprints kept tearing, and all my redline number getting smudged.

The Birch Material Detector Locator (BMDL)™ is the answer to the growing problem of illegal and contraband explosives, bombs in most any facilities, government buildings and law enforcement agencies and schools. Like a handheld radar detector,

Bottle and Jar Opener QT-1

Technical field of Invention

This Bottle and Jar Opener is an original tool used to open jars or bottles in a different way than any product found currently on the market.

The built in smartphone projector eliminates the need for additional devices to be purchased or attached to the smartphone.

The benefits allow a smartphone owner to have easy access to projecting video, pictures, presentations, movies,

Use of a digital gyroscope ( e.g. Gyrochip II ) placed above the rear axle of the car, driving a brake light system in such a way that the progressive brake lights become in stages:

1. deceleration

Car safety is the main feature in car manufacturing procedure. Electrical monitoring and controlling devices have being used to detect the crash condition and reduce its damages while the platforms are designed to absorb the impact force by sacrificing themselves.

Car Parking Booked System is a new way to book a parking area through your smartphone or by website. You have to register to make an ID before you make a reservation to get your parking spot.

Besides the further reduction of the harmful gaseous emissions (HC, CO and NOx) to meet stringent emission limits, the discussion on lowering the CO2 emissions is omnipresent. Various solid materials like calcium oxide, zeolite, hydrotalcite, and silicon carbide nanotubes readily adsorb carbon dioxide.

The Carplane® is a bi-modal air/road convergence vehicle, currently under construction at the Research Airport in Braunschweig, Germany.

Its primary market is the BRICS countries where inadequate road infrastructure and traffic congestion impede individual transport.

The CASP Controller (Cascading Array of Sequenced Power), more specifically an ATX computer power supply controller, is a "motherboard invisible" means for providing supplemental ATX electrical power (AUX +5 and +12 VDC) to peripheral devices.

The range of devices being broad, such as liquid cooling appliances (over clocked systems),

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