Sustainable Technologies

A totally new design concept has been applied to the "good old" steam engine that allows this previously very reliable but relatively inefficient machine to drive an electric generator to make enough power to provide the thermal input needed to drive the engine AND have a substantial amount of


1. Materials

Several prototypes have been built in various stages, to increase the aesthetic appeal of our blades to insure their durability and its sensitivity to wind conditions and to our community’s growing need for a more efficient and economical wind turbine blade.

Vertical Axis Windmill

Vertical axis windmill with a unique design and a unique control mechanism

This design is very scalable from medium to large sizes.  It has low maintenance costs because it can be serviced from the ground. Doesn't require a complex or hi maintenance braking system.

YSATÎ at a glance (YSATÎ means pure water in Guarani language - the people who lived in Brazil prior America discovery).

Even in the desert where the air seems to be completely dry, there is moisture.

NASA: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/WaterVapor/water_vapor3.php

Having moisture in the air does not mean rain. Moisture in the air to turn into rain in this cloud and many factors are needed.

Windmill 2.0

Supplementary and retrofittable wind turbine expansion with vertical rotors in connection to existing or new wind turbines.
(Dipl.?Ing. Derik Tesche / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


This development refers to the tower of a wind turbine at its Installed outside wall vertical rotors are, in addition,

Do you believe in the ability of a wind-electric turbine to generate electricity? How about the functionality of a hydroelectric dam to do the same power generation?

The idea visualizes the solutions for the futuristic green buildings. The implementation of techno-green management and architecture in construction will lead to sustainable green homes. In India, buildings account for 30-40 percent of energy use, known to be energy guzzlers.

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