Sustainable Technologies


Every year, India generates agricultural produce worth $ 55 billion out of which only $39 billion makes it to the market. The remainder is lost due to inadequate refrigeration facilities.

Problem: Current gas and electric hybrid vehicles only recover 4% of the kinetic energy with regenerative braking. There are ideas based on capturing wind energy by mounting a wind turbine on the roof of hybrid vehicles.

Over the past year, Capital Sun Group has been working with SunDrum Solar, Net Zero Meter, and New Grid Energy to develop a solar source heat pump system that incorporates a hybrid photovoltaic (PV)/solar thermal collector array that generates electrical power and solar thermal energy simultaneously.

As a result of a number of factors, our energy options are becoming more limited. Nuclear power’s prospects are uncertain, as complicated by cost and safety concerns, while fossil fuel faces mounting environmental concerns. Renewable energy is not capable of meeting all our energy needs.

Envisioned is a counterintuitive cooling system based on concepts from the pre first century Roman Hypocaust (hypo= under, caust = caustic) heating systems, where coal, wood, straw, etc. was burned with its byproducts of heat, smoke etc.

My concept proposes a dust bin called I bin which can sort out different type of waste that is put into it using innovative methods.

Most of the waste that is found in a public waste box has a bar code.

New Frontier Energy Group (NFEG) is redefining power conversion. Leveraging breakthroughs in modern materials and proprietary technology, NFEG's ultra-efficient power conversion technology, the solid-state transformer (SST) and inverter, will eliminate up to 95% and even 99% of all electric conversion losses. From HVACs to hybrid vehicles;

Assembling an instant community using off-site construction can be daunting and expensive. Using standardized parts that can be packed flat and erected on site can immediately provide a living community.

I have a patent on a motor that generates compressed air that is used to run. The attached file (video)
shows the workings of the motor, the sequence is as follows.

Iron filing in tea is becoming a major issue at present as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had fixed stringent norms of maximum allowed level of iron filings in tea at 150 mg/kg.

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