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Every year, India generates agricultural produce worth $ 55 billion out of which only $39 billion makes it to the market. The remainder is lost due to inadequate refrigeration facilities. At the root of this problem is the insufficient and erratic electric grid supply whose impact is being felt across all sectors of the economy.

The absence of reliable power at the farm-level limits the extent to which conventional cold-rooms and chillers can be used. Thus, an off-grid solution is the way forward if a chiller is to be installed at the farm-level.

Innovation and application:

To help reduce agricultural wastage, Promethean Spenta Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has developed a hybrid solar and grid-powered chiller that can ...

Problem: Current gas and electric hybrid vehicles only recover 4% of the kinetic energy with regenerative braking. There are ideas based on capturing wind energy by mounting a wind turbine on the roof of hybrid vehicles. Mounting a wind turbine or any object to the roof of vehicle would increase the front cross sectional area of the vehicle which increases the drag forces. Increasing the drag forces lowers the fuel economy.

Solution: Hybrid Integrated Portable Power Pod (H.I.P.P.P.) is mounted just behind the back bumper with a trailer hitch. The HIPPP unit is designed not to be wider than the vehicle that it will be mounted to and mounting the HIPPP unit behind the vehicle does not increase the ...

Over the past year, Capital Sun Group has been working with SunDrum Solar, Net Zero Meter, and New Grid Energy to develop a solar source heat pump system that incorporates a hybrid photovoltaic (PV)/solar thermal collector array that generates electrical power and solar thermal energy simultaneously.

Capital Sun Group (CSG) removed circa 1980 Carrier flat plate collectors and replaced them with 51 SunPower X21-345W panels that are backed with SunDrum Solar thermal panels. Also an existing photovoltaic system, which consists of 50 SunTech 185 W panels with Enphase micro-inverters, was installed by Astrum Solar about 2 1/2 years ago. CSG moved half of these panels into new positions and added SunDrum Solar thermal panels to the backs of these ...

As a result of a number of factors, our energy options are becoming more limited. Nuclear power’s prospects are uncertain, as complicated by cost and safety concerns, while fossil fuel faces mounting environmental concerns. Renewable energy is not capable of meeting all our energy needs.

An emerging advancement may alter our future energy path. The innovation integrates nuclear and fossil fuels to create a new technology branch that is powerful and highly competitive. Additionally, massive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, spent nuclear fuel and coal wastes are achieved.

Figure 1 is an illustrative overview of the patented hybrid-nuclear process. The innovative hybrid uses two fuels and a large gas (combustion) turbine in tandem with a small, efficient, helium cooled, ...

Envisioned is a counterintuitive cooling system based on concepts from the pre first century Roman Hypocaust (hypo= under, caust = caustic) heating systems, where coal, wood, straw, etc. was burned with its byproducts of heat, smoke etc. being channeled through a specially prepared floor consisting of a piered layer of marble or other upper layer, channeled through by heat convection (chimney effect), exiting upper wall flues.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypocaust (Hypocaust may be viewed here)

Current products utilize aluminum, metal coated plastics, copper, silver, gold or an amalgam of metals in a honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminum (or other metal) panels for use as an insulator or a structural member (wall, ceiling or floor panel). metallics are available.

Construction detail: can ...

My concept proposes a dust bin called I bin which can sort out different type of waste that is put into it using innovative methods.

Most of the waste that is found in a public waste box has a bar code. This bar code can be used to sort out waste as well. For products without bar codes there are different switches to select the type of waste. If it is a soft drink can you select metal waste and the waste is collected in the metal collecting container of the bin.
The user can either show the bar code of the waste to the scanner of the I bin or select the type of waste using switches.Then the ...

New Frontier Energy Group (NFEG) is redefining power conversion. Leveraging breakthroughs in modern materials and proprietary technology, NFEG's ultra-efficient power conversion technology, the solid-state transformer (SST) and inverter, will eliminate up to 95% and even 99% of all electric conversion losses. From HVACs to hybrid vehicles; wind turbines to solar panels - NFEG enables significant energy savings across the grid.

Redefining Power Conversion
Every electron comes with a hidden cost. Approximately 2,000 TWh (terawatt-hours) are lost as heat during transmission every year. Currently world’s total electricity output is approximately 20,185 TWh requiring 4,398,768 ktoe (kilo ton of oil equivalent) of fuel input, increasing nearly 10% annually. More than 10% of electricity generated is lost due to conversion inefficiencies costing ...

Assembling an instant community using off-site construction can be daunting and expensive. Using standardized parts that can be packed flat and erected on site can immediately provide a living community.

These polygon structures can be trucked to a site stacked on top of each other as flat panels. Once deposited on the site, pulling a simple cable allows two three dimensional residences to rise in the shape of bee hive cells. Once the structure is up a standardized wall is installed that separates the two living units and providing structural support for the polygon and containing all the plumbing and electric connections needed.

The next step is for a floor panel to be slid, and locked into ...

I have a patent on a motor that generates compressed air that is used to run. The attached file (video)
shows the workings of the motor, the sequence is as follows.

1) As the intake pressure chamber expels its contents and the power piston continues its cycle down to bottom dead enter, and the swing valve remains open, outside air is drawn into the cylinder and the pressure chamber.
2) As the power piston reaches bottom dead center the intake swing valve closes and the poppet valve opens.
3) As the power piston moves towards top dead center the exhaust poppet valve remains open to have the piston expel the air within the cylinder.
4) During ...

Iron filing in tea is becoming a major issue at present as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had fixed stringent norms of maximum allowed level of iron filings in tea at 150 mg/kg. The global export market is also very much concerned about the presence of iron filing in tea. Hence it is a burning issue as well as a challenge to remove the iron filing quantitatively from tea at the source itself, i.e. in the online manufacturing process.

The iron filing generally comes to tea during the manufacturing process. The CTC cutter used for CTC tea manufacturing process is to be periodically sharpened (known as teething) which becomes the primary source of iron filing. ...

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