Sustainable Technologies

As a Photovoltaic cell gets hot its ability to convert sun-light to electrical energy reduces. This increase in temperature occurs as a simple byproduct of exposure to the light of the sun. For solar arrays that don’t use collectors, the temperature increase is minor.

Solar Panels offer one of the most sustainable and clean forms of energy. Substantial progress in developing cell technologies has both raised the efficiency of the cells and lowered their cost. However, solar is still facing barriers that prevent it from becoming a viable alternative to fossil fuel.

The use of proposed technology of Modeling of Intelligent Systems Thinking in Complex Adaptive systems is oriented on use in autonomous, intelligent Fuzzy Control and Information Complex Adaptive systems, that operate in real-time, fuzzy conditions, heterogeneous subject areas and multilingual communications, there the situations are unknown in advance,

This device uses manufactured containers which are connected via a modular connecter to heat fluids with solar energy. In essence, you reuse containers, connect them in series, and utilize the sun to provide heated fluids. There is energy saved by reusing normally discarded containers,

Molten salt solar water purification plant is an idea to utilize untreated water available, to convert it into drinking water.

In the developing countries many villages are not connected to central water distribution plant and people living there rely on local water body.

For decades the scientific world has been dreaming of building enough 100 Megawatt OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) power plants to fill the oceans. Why not take the power from the world’s largest solar collector (the ocean)? Near the equator, the warm water provides power to generate electricity,

Thailand wind characteristic is unstable with minimum speed about 2 m/s and maximum speed about 5 m/s.

At high wind speed, wind turbine blade is sharp and thin. On the other hand, at low wind speed the blade is long and more area.

Recent analysis indicates that more people around the world have access to a mobile phone than a toilet. Although, having access to a mobile phone is not a bad thing, what it simply indicates is that people seem to use cutting edge technologies without having access to basic amenities.

This is a new method of manufacturing thin multi-crystalline Silicon photovoltaic cells.
The method involves a centrifuge that is able to run efficiently at the melting point of silicon. The size of the centrifuge is about 12" in diameter and approximately 15" in length.

Historically, a long time before quantum mechanics, Lorentz suggested that some disturbances, like waves, could be transmitted with traveling particles through a certain medium without moving it. At that time, instead of careful analysis of the systematic errors,

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