Sustainable Technologies

The Geothermal Water Heater (GWHP) US Patent #7,827,814 http://www.halslater.com/US7827814.pdf

What it is: The GWHP is a new, highly efficient water heating design for single or multi-family residences in temperate and tropical climates.

Electricity derived from SUN & WIND & WAVE & TIDE & Hot-springs is GREEN ENERGY. The ideal and highly desired situation that these green sources completely eliminate use of fuels of any kind to generate electricity, has untill now been impossible because they cannot supply electricity on demand.

Gravity Machine
My Gravity Machines are not a theoretical proposal but are being built for the last 3 years. Gravity Machines produce continuously electricity out of a heat bath without the addition of any outside energy. This fact clearly contradicts present day energy views and teachings.

Solar Powered Electric Recumbent Trike

Imagine a ride in which all you want to do is enjoy, relax, detached from all distractions and without any worries regarding refuelling stations, fuel costs and even contribute in protecting the environment.

As overt from the name “GREEN WARRIOR” of our vehicle, our vehicle design’s prime concern is to ensure that most ecological and biodegradable materials must be put to use for the fabrication. The vivid use of BAMBOO for chassis design is thus incorporated.

The ‘GRVIMAGNO’ means magnets assisting the gravity to produce electricity. The device, which is self-propelled, moves in upward and downward directions in a column of water.

HARBO Technologies

Preventing the Disastrous Consequences of Oil Spills. Instantly.

HARBO Technologies revolutionizes containment and treatment of marine oil-spills, minimizing their damages. Traditional booms (floating barriers) are bulky and heavy, and require large trained crews to deploy. They cannot be stored at the point of failure.

So far a turbine is not designed with mechanical advantage. CHALASANI TURBINE is designed with mechanical advantage. CHALASANI TURBINE is a hollow cylinder completely closed and blades weld on its circumferential surface at equal interval between any two blades.

1.6 Billion of people live in substandard housing, some in disaster areas, and others in countries less fortunate, most don't have a choice. I want to make a difference in getting people out of tent cities.

Internal Confinement Fusion by Laser Stimulated Emission.

My proposed solution involves using focused laser light in programmable configurations to either produce electrostatic fields or induce currents in the ionized gas causing fusion to occur. The goal in mind is to create a self sustained plasma body,

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