Sustainable Technologies

SAKALA in Sanskrit means total, entire or complete and RAVA in Sanskrit means any sound, noise or vibration.

In the view of intense demand for power in this densely populated world, there is a need for sustainable and alternate energy sources.

Salter’s Duck is a wave energy conversion device invented by Dr. Stephen Salter in 1974 at the University of Edinburgh. The device is unique among wave energy conversion systems in that it uses both the vertical and horizontal motion of the wave.

There is high demand for food on the Planet.

We need to produce a lot of grains and meat for the developing countries. Usually the ground in such countries is poor or there are deep forests everywhere.

To solve the task we can use the SkyChickenHouse, SkyPiggyHouse or SkyFishHouse.

Biogas digester technology can provide energy needs of local government operations by producing methane. About 1.7 cubic meters of biogas equals one liter of gasoline; the manure produced by ONE cow in one year can be converted to the methane equivalent of over 200 liters of gasoline. Cattle,

I have a design that uses a solar panel to convert sunlight into electricity that is stored in a sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery. The power from the battery is then used in the evenings to power LED lighting. LEDs and solar power go well together.

Our mission at CFS is to provide a sustainable agricultural production system, using Systems Engineering and Integration practices (as used by NASA and other technologically sound entities) to develop highly automated Smart Aquaponic Greenhouse facilities that are Off-Grid and infrastructure independent.

‘Smart You’

"There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people - and the environment - suffer badly.

The Problem:

When people get down to the last stub of soap it is discarded. This can result in wasted matierials and in turn a loss of money for the person throwing it away. Imagine if you stacked up all of the unused soap stubs from just one year!

INTRODUCTION There is an urgent need to curtail the use of crude oil in any form as India is completely dependent on imported crude for all forms of transportation energy.

The Solar Dome is the ideal in Regenerative Architecture as its an atmospheric generator with an otherwise useless interior, its interior however can be used as any other dome would be - and it's scalable.

Designed to work in arid regions, the solar dome combines updraft, vortex,

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