Sustainable Technologies

All the moving vehicles under motion generate wind quite sufficient to generate small electricity through wind turbines. Placing a wind turbine on the top of the locomotives is another challenge. On the grounds of conservation of energy our idea is to use the wind energy we experience from moving vehicles for power generation. A speeding train, for instance, produces tremendous gusts that can just as easily be converted into electricity. In the current project we are developing a compact Tesla turbine which serves our need of generating power and also mounting of Tesla turbine on top of the locomotives is easy, as the current model is compact in nature. Further, a lot of fuel is wasted in air conditioning ...

The increase in battery and cell manufacture in world wide markets will see an urgent need to find ways to recycle more battery products, salvaging the components in order to get them back into the manufacturing supply chain as a sustainable recycling process.
It is proposed to provide machinery to dismantle (in the first instance), cylindrical disposable batteries such as AAA, AA, C and D cells.

7 years at Duracell (Canada) in Product Design/ Quality Engineering and as designated Trouble Shooter when things went wrong gave a deep insight how these batteries were put together from raw material all the way to functional testing. When you know how they're put together, it's not difficult to figure out how to ...

Use fibers to "suck or transport" water from one container to another, to clean water from solids and some other substances faster and cheaper everywhere.

Thanks to the unique property of the water, the process will become in a obligatory technology to be adopted as logical and necessary.

Material - Superficial Tnsion

acetone - 23.70
benzene - 28.85
Carbon tetrachloride - 26.95
Ethyl acetate - 23.9
Ethyl alcohol - 22.75
Ethyl ether - 17.01
hexane - 18.43
methanol - 22.61
toluene - 28.5
water - 72.75

This can just be applied to filter any other substance or "blackwater (waste)" to improve time and handling of it.

The idea is to ...

Quasiturbine engine
The Quasiturbine (Qurbine) is a « Positive Displacement » turbine alternative.

Suitable as a double-circuits Rotary Motor or Expander for compressed air, steam and other fluids, or (later) as an advanced Internal Combustion Rotary Engine, as well as (later) for Compressor of various thermodynamic cycles. The Quasiturbine is a compact, low weight and high torque machine with top efficiency, especially in power modulation applications.

The Quasiturbine is a pistonless Rotary Machine using a deformable rotor whose blades (sides) are hinged at the vertices. The volume enclosed between the blades of the rotor and the stator casing provides compression and expansion in a fashion similar to the familiar Wankel engine, but the hinging at the edges allows ...


This system uses real time position of sun to track solar devices. it consist of
1) very fine pixeled solar cell panel of about 5*5 inches (from now called as PSCP). Size and pixel density will depend on accuracy required just similar to that of a camera.
2) an opaque object (called as OO)fixed rigidly ,relative to the PSCP. Again PSCP is fixed to ground.
3) a PLC +Decoder which will analyse results of output from PSCP.
4) motors to move solar device and face the Sun accurately.

We have 2 components(PSCP and OO) fixed relative to Earth. Two thing moving relatively to each other are sun and shadow of OO falling on PSCP. ...

In these days we using tons of paper by destroying hundreds of trees. My idea is to save trees from producing paper by using electronic touch displays in all places where paper forms are highly used. This idea save the trees. Like RDO offices, banks and in many government and private sectors we use paper forms to fill out our details and records to do something (for requesting income tax certificate, opening account in bank etc..). Instead we can use electronic touch display system to choose what type of form they need and let them to fill out the details using virtual keyboard and attaching the documents of user by showing it in front of display (device capture it ...

Very high production, very low cost, matrix-style rescue pad. Mounted on external vertical surfaces of capital ships (or any floating vessel) in high density matrix. Released upon submersion from passive anchors. Each 64mm x 76mm x 89mm fungus and UV resistant floating pad contains (1) flexcell, floating solar collector, (1) electrolysis unit, (1) 3 cu/m 6mil plastic air bag, tubing for electrolysis to provide potable water for drinking.

The key is massive release upon submersion, even if not required, blanketing the area around a sinking vessel with RRP's. that will provide a floating platform when coupled together...with clean drinking and O2 to inflate the airbag. A sailor wearing a life vest can activate as many of these as he ...

As there exists high power demand in several remote areas and even to the industrial areas, my idea is to develop regional power plants especially solar power plants; i.e to construct solar plants in every region, so that we can directly give the power to required homes, industries etc.. Soon after the power is off from the main line the information is sent to regional plants then the power is supplied from an auxiliary power line which is in parallel with the main line.

The tariff can be given by meter readings as usual. As the solar power plants maintenance cost is very low the tariff will also be low. The only disadvantage is that capital cost (initial cost) ...

'Canard' airplanes have the theoretical advantage of all surfaces contributing to lift, thus a higher efficiency, higher payload possible for the same engine power and airplane size, and also that the stall of foreplane having a higher attack angle would put nose down, preventing main wing to stall, as wing's critical angle of attack not reached, what in fact, isn't true.

The proposed arrangement, inspired in Saab's Viggen, has the improved TO/L performance of a foreplane placed in an upper position respect to the main wing (Av Mag Intl, Janv 1973), plus the 'Induced Rolling in the right direction', of an Inverted 'V' or 'A' arranged foreplane, its trailing edge moving surfaces acting both as elevons and ...

There are not many examples of this new design in the residential field. Dennis Miller, one of the best actors in the USA, built a 6,000 sq ft home with a green roof top in Colorado.

Some of you may remember Dennis Miller as he starred in a series as a cowboy in New York City. I would encourage all engineers, young and old to look up this production see it. Normally discarded materials were used to build a residence that was insulated better than even R2000 homes. Alright, one would have to love this kind of building, as it is totally different than any other style of residential construction. Still, once you become familiar with this way of ...

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