Sustainable Technologies

For reducing global warming, many efforts have been made to create new green reliable devices that can be used for the life of people. These devices normally use the power from the natural resources such as the sun, rivers, lakes, ocean, rain, geothermal activity and so forth. In addition to generate electricity, the solar panels on the rooftop can also form a solar chimney for house ventilation.

Fully Utilize Solar Energy
1) Radiant light from the Sun -- solar photovoltaics – Solar Panel;
2) Radiant heat from the Sun -- solar heating – Solar Chimney.

Adding the already proved technologies of “Passive ventilation form solar chimney”; “Generator by air buoyancy” and “Regular rooftop solar panel”, the rooftop solar ...

Nowadays for cooking LPG is widely used everywhere. This LPG is a non renewable source of energy. The price of LPG is also hiking day by day. The solar instruments such as solar water heater, solar cooker, solar lights, solar collectors, etc. are familiar where there is ambient solar energy. On the same basis this is designed:

Solar stove consists of three parts
1. Solar fluid recharger (collector)
2. Solar fluid storage
3. Solar fluid discharger (stove)
4. Fluid

1 Solar fluid recharger (collector)

A solar fluid recharger (collector) collects heat by absorbing sunlight. A collector is a device for capturing solar radiation. Solar radiation is energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation from the infrared (long) to the ...

A solar tracker is a device directing the solar panel or solar concentrator to the sunbeams, allowing to produce more energy during the day. Calculations showed that without tracker solar panel loses about 40% of electric power during the day. The main part of the installation is the control board. It controls the rotation of solar panels better compared to analogs and also regulates the time range of operation. That leads to power consumption decrease. The tracker under consideration also has some our know-how connected with control system and mechanical part. Therefore the proposed tracker is 2-3 times cheaper than analogs. Moreover it increases solar panels energy output almost by 35% and does not require frequent service.

Acrylic ...

SOLUTE ION LINEAR ALIGNMENT PROPULSION/ACCELERATION to RAPIDLY produce energy in solution of water via flash distillation heat generation for heating of an aqueous solution such as sea water. The flash distillation could be continued until the solution becomes saturated brine and precipitation can be initiated on a continuous basis. The steam created by the flash distillation is therefore purified water when condensed. The steam can be used to drive a steam turbine-generator providing power for the process and also to external loads. In addition, the process can be adapted as a self-powered automotive engine. See FIG. 1.

See FIG. 2 - The power for the flash distillation is derived by the linear alignment process which enables conversion of the ...

In view of growing demand for energy in developing countries like India, increase in global pollution and burden of importing fossil fuels, it has become inevitable to utilize the abundance of renewable sources. India, lying in the tropical region, is blessed with high solar-insolation. Hence Solar Energy can provide a long term sustainable solution to this energy crisis.

Concentrating Solar Heat (CSH) systems are one of the best sources for exploiting solar energy. Basically there are 3 types of CSH systems:
1. Central receiver/Solar tower
2. Parabolic trough (reaches to approx. 400°C)
3. Parabolic dish (reaches to approx. 750°C)

Each system has its own advantages & disadvantages. This project is aimed at designing Parabolic dish concentrator system.

The importance ...

Human demands in utilization of energy resources have been growing. Hence there is a need for finding renewal approaches to harvest energy in a sense that is clean in comparison with the fossil fuel energy.

Finding an alternative energy resource instead of the fossil fuel energy not only survives our environment from pollution but also provides enough legacy of fossil energy for our future generations.

Harvesting a renewal and clean energy from the potential energy in nature is a promising way to substitute energy.

Vibration is of interest as an important energy that exists in every movement including a human walk or an airplane fly. To our knowledge, unfortunately these motion energies are wasted in our daily life. This ...

StreetStick, is a modern LED fixture for street lighting, lighting of outdoor spaces, parks, bicycle paths and others with high efficiency, long life and minimalist compact design that meets the most demanding requirements. It can be easily implemented into the higher-controlling systems, and thereby further reduce the energy consumption of our towns and villages.


- Utilizes the most recent LED technology
- Low investment cost,
- Multiple protection (thermal, weatherproof),
- High system efficiency of 115 lm / W, low power consumption,
- Long lifetime, estimated above 100,000 hours,
- NO maintenance and easy servicing,
- Low voltage wiring enhancing safety and reliability,
- Compact dimensions, the thickness of main body just 20 mm,
- Modern minimalist ...

These mini-generator creates electricity by the proven method of magnetic induction. It also has a back up solar component that sustains the electric output. In NYC alone there are trillions of tons of force waiting to be converted into electricity daily!

All parts are insulated from weather and the magnetic field is arranged and shielded from outside influence. It's been adjusted from 2010 original design to operate indoors as well. It's now flatter and connects to a building's electricity supply. The first picture indicates how every mini-generator will be arranged topographically capture maximum pressure.

The second picture displays a close up of the tile which holds several turns of coil, a specialized battery and a customized circuit. This circuit ...

Small-scale hydro power from floating dams would be reliable and ecologically friendly. Because of the low cost and the longevity of micro hydro, developing countries may manufacture and implement the technology to help supply the needed electricity to small communities in remote areas. The natural power of a running river or a stream has been of interest for electricity production for many years. The technology of small-scale hydro power is diverse, and different concepts have been developed and tried out.

This project focuses on floating dams with a unit power output of about 0.5-5 kW. These floating dams could be used to generate power for domestic electricity applications such as lighting, battery charging, etc. This is an effort for ...

The Telescopic Collapsible Shelter is designed keeping in mind the typical Indian conditions. It is a common road side scene in any Indian cities and towns to find small road side temporary shops. These shops occupy space available on the sides of the road or footpaths or sometimes even roads. Similarly in the weekly marketplace sellers come from nearby areas or villages and set temporary shops to sell various items from fruits and vegetables to small household items. Even some of the important services are provided and are made available on road sides like cobbler, bicycle puncture repair etc.

Sometimes these people erect some temporary cover as protection against extreme climatic conditions or sit in the open. Such road side ...

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