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Can a compact solar USB charger charge a phone and an external battery at the same time in about 3 hours? Yes! This is an Open Source Hardware instruction manual on how to build the Solarpad Kit solar USB charger, which includes the Solarpad solar panel and Power Core USB battery.

Why Open Source Hardware?

The solar USB charging market has become saturated with low-quality and poor performing products and every year the big companies are selling the same products with very little improvement. Therefore, Solarcycle has developed its open source solar USB charger to empower customers with the ability to build their own solar USB chargers and to prove that a better solar charger that outperforms anything else ...

Agira’s micro-optics technology traps and accumulates sunlight incident from multiple angles of the sun inside a static glass panel. This product delivers high intensity light to the edge of the glass panel where solar cells can be attached to produce power. Because our patent-pending optics reduces active solar cell requirement to 1-2%, it enables distinct advantages of 60% lower cost, 30% higher power conversion efficiency, and 50x increase in module manufacturing capacity.

Solar panel manufacturers (our customers) are not profitable despite high growth in the industry. First, Agira’s optics reduce the cost of solar panel production by 50% by exchanging most of a panel’s costly solar cells with our inexpensive optics, making the panels cheaper to produce. Second, solar ...

The idea that is proposed here is an Organic Rankine cycle that is compact and small and works on phase change material instead of a pump. This novel replacement can make this energy producing device run on just heat (even solar energy) as input. The output will be energy or power which can be used to attain power as output. The device Is so small and compact that it can be used in the rear of an automobile to tap the waste heat emitted from the radiator or to power a wheel chair on renewable energy. We are currently working on a method to reduce the space occupied by the phase change material to replace it with a electromagnetic ...

Piezoelectric plastic sheet system for rapid transit platforms

The problem with renewable energy production is that it requires large operational area and doesn't produce much electricity but one potential source has largely been neglected, that is us the human beings.

London Undeground has a footfall of 3.5 million per day, Delhi Metro has 2.6 million per day and Hong Kong MTR has 4.5 million per day they are also many other rapid transit across the world. Considering that in mind the platform on this station is walked upon everyday these steps could be converted into electricity through piezo generator.
Mass Transit System are used in most major cities throughout the world and the station platform are always bombarded with ...

Coir pith is the corky material found between the fibres in the husk of a coconut. The coconut husk goes to fibre mills where the coir fibre is extracted. The by-product of this process is coir pith. For many years coir pith was the waste product
of the extraction process and was dumped outside of coir fibre mills. Generating large environmental pollution issues of its own.

1.Coconut pith is an agro by-product proceed after extraction of coir fibre from coconut husk

2.Total amount of the coir pith 6970000 Tone Wastage.

3.Therefore on its own it causes an Environmental problem though it is not hazard.

4.The pith is a Lignocellulosic particle with size range of 0.1mm, with excellent elastic ...

The fruit and vegetables are our main source of sustenance. Not all the contents of these
starches are necessary. Like people with kidney problems must not take sodium, potassium, calcium, etc. but only few foods supports them. So, in order to suppress the nonsupporting nutrients there must be regulation at the fruit or vegetable formation level itself. The main thing to be noted is we are just limiting unwanted minerals but not inhibiting the additional nutrients into the foods not making anything hazardous.The water and minerals necessary for the fruit/vegetable growth are supplied by xylem and phloem.The minerals from soil and roots,water,nutrients,starch obtained during photosynthesis etc. are transmitted through them. A bio chip is pierced at root and stem. ...

The most important hope for mankind to escape from the energy problem is Solar Energy. As this source will be with us for a long time. Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation (insolation) at the upper atmosphere.

But a large amount of this energy gets wasted because of the reflection from the Earth's surface. So if we have some way to trap this radiation this energy can solve our many energy related problems.

Plasmsolar structure can be helpful for that purpose.

Basic structure of Plasmsolar is shown in the diagram.

When rays incident on the parabolic mirror it reflects back and concentrate on the focal point. This ray enters the layer structure as ...

In the field of alternative energy Design Desk Inc is addressing a void in the mechanics of design. Most of our concepts deal with cycling pneumatic pressure in a closed system. The attached pneumatic electric generator will provide current for a self charging unlimited range electric vehicle. This system will enable the mass introduction of the electric vehicle with out taxing the power grid infrastructure.

We believe this system to violate the law of conservation of energy so please have a look at the system. More notes are posted at ...

Poor Man’s AC

A Simple Clay Pot Could Replace Your Expensive Noisy Air Conditioner.

Air conditioners aren’t exactly known for being particularly environmentally friendly, but during a scorching summer we’re all happy to turn a blind eye. Prof Dr Lakshman Rao Muppa created the Cold Pot, a simple terracotta device that can cool a room using just evaporating water.

The porous terracotta pot — the same material you’d plant flowers in — absorbs water from a ten-litre reservoir on the inside which seeps through to the outer surface and then evaporates. In the process of the H2O turning from a liquid into a gas, the terracotta, dramatically cool down. And a quiet electric-powered fan on the inside circulates air ...

The Portable Tracking Solar Generator is a sustainable energy innovation dependant on a computerized tracking solar cell array. It would benefit third world countries that do not have access to dependable electrical producing systems or the power grid.

This system design is meant to be a unit with a small footprint, be portable, dependable and be of benefit to small villages and domiciles. It is a sustainable energy technology that benefits the user with needed electrical energy at relatively very little cost, the unit itself being the primary expense.

Once set up the solar generator will produce power for basic life needs and is designed to be a self-contained system for ease of use and reliability. The solar adaption ...

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