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Kinetic Intelligent Transportable Energy (KITE) is an innovative technology for generating electricity in remote and underdeveloped regions of the world. As a deployable, small-scale system, KITE would bring relief to communities stricken by natural disaster or otherwise devoid of the infrastructure necessary to support centralized electrical generation. A single KITE could power a refrigerator, a pump, or the lights in a school. It could keep communications running and medical facilities open where they are needed most, when they are needed most.

KITE’s system generates electricity from the tension in the tethers of a kite actuated by its generators, minimizing energy lost to kite control and eliminating the need for a human operator. The actuator tenses the ...

Large Hydrostatic Wind Turbine
Lower cost - High efficiency - Longer life
The energy of wind is free, but the costs of the turbines transmitting the energy into electricity are too high to be competitive with conventional ways to produce electricity.

Conventional drive systems consist of a rotor driving an electric generator through a gearbox for increasing the rotational speed to that of the generator. The systems are complex, expensive, heavy, and require high maintenance. Generators, directly driven by the rotor, operate without a gearbox but are significantly larger in size, heavier and more costly. Because of the varying generator speed, both systems require an inverter for the electric circuit.

The new hydrostatic drive system consists ...

Light Tube was developed as a possible solution to produce clean water, without algae formation after exposition under the sun. Until now, optical sterilization by UV involved the use of a tank, in which the liquid must be irradiated for a certain period. These traditional devices are energy and time expensive.

Light Tube device is directly connected to a polyethylene pipe, in which the water (or other fluids) flow. The benefits are the prompt functioning when you turn on the device, without waiting the time of gas starter devices, for example mercury lamps.

Because the use of LED UV is new, the frequency is not yet used in the current market.

I made chemical/biological analysis, with and without turning-on the ...

The idea is to provide an appropriate design that can be built with materials available in hardware stores anywhere in the world, using relatively simple tools, in rural environments and therefore can easily be copied by people in the developing world.

It is a piston pump that delivers such pressure that it can pump water to 40 meters. It is easy to build from simple PVC pipes, adapters and galvanized one-way valves available in any hardware store. It works by compressing water between two one-way valves and the water is forced up the piston tube and comes out from the handle to the filter. Water is then forced through a high efficiency carbon block filter where micro-pulverized carbon efficiently ...

Geothermal energy* and over 60% of man made energy is wasted as low heat. Converting low heat into effective work is uniquely challenging in the real world as there is simply not enough energy for the desired expansion ratios to take place in the current state of the art heat engines. Currently used steam turbines generating power from low heat application obtain less than 8% efficiency. However, since low heat is typically lost anyway, any and all effective work recovered is deemed positive.

Though turbines are capable of being efficient, they require high temperatures that permit multiple expansion of the steam. But when using low heat/energy, there is sometimes not enough energy to expand more than once. In addition; ...

}A device for transferring resonant magnetic energy between a source of current and the human body.

This is a compact device which serves to provide a localized application of magnetic energy to electrically-charged tissues, calibrated to the characteristic frequency of the user by coupling through the magnetic potential of the body. It is in principle similar to other magnetic resonant technologies, such as the MRI, but has been developed specifically to transfer energy compatible to the human body for health and enhancement.

The type of energy transferred, in the case of the ordinary use of the device—that is, by placing the metal surface against the skin and powering the device with a voltage-conversion power supply ...

This engine basically removes the consumption of fuel and uses magnetic force to rotate the pistons. Basically when two magnets facing the same pole come closer then a torque is produced which tends to rotate the magnet. Once the magnet starts rotation we connect a dynamo with that magnet & further that dynamo is connected through the motor which moves the pistons. The whole system works on natural forces hence it removes fuel consumption.

Concentrating on the mechanism of the engine we will find that when the magnet is put into an external magnetic field, produced by a different source, it is subject to a torque tending to orient the magnetic moment parallel to the field. The amount of ...

This technology is my idea using Magnetic Turbines to produce electricity that can be very much an alternative to Wind, Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear and Solar energies.

This is kind of rotating the turbines in the form of axle it two or four permanent magnets in opposite directions that can deviate based on North Pole to North Pole basis or South Pole to South Pole basis. This deviation makes the attached turbine circulate and produce the electricity endlessly. So there is no need to think of other form of electricity producing techniques.

This is safe and clean clean energy so we can make world wonderful and avoid greenhouse emissions in the future.

Some of the applications:

1. We can make a small version ...

Mass Trapping of invasive destructive insects, compost them into fertilizer and feed them to the plants they intended to destroy without the use of pesticides.

Global warming, international trade and natural processes have dramatically influenced the proliferation and destructive influence of specific species of insects. Forestry, and agriculture are being influenced worldwide in areas previously managed by reasonable and affordable use of insecticides. Resistance to insecticides and/or environmental conditions have allowed exponential growth in the total number of insect populations and most significantly, their expansion into high value agricultural areas previously not supportive of these species. The Brown Marmonated Stink Bug, 5 species of Pine Bark Beetles and the Japanese beetle are among the most destructive insects in North ...

An idea has the potential to change the world. The new budding ideas need to be nurtured and carried efficiently to create a world of our thinking and so is my dream.

“OMG ! I have created an ample amount of electrical energy to run my bulbs, mixer grinder and the other electrical equipment at my home and that is all due to my daily works” Be it walking, running, jogging, sleeping, opening the door, driving the vehicle in the city.

Do not feel worried by or the quote above, my idea will explain how is it possible.

One of the most needed energy in today's era is ELECTRICAL ENERGY. In our society several possible means and methods ...

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