Sustainable Technologies

Kinetic Intelligent Transportable Energy (KITE) is an innovative technology for generating electricity in remote and underdeveloped regions of the world. As a deployable, small-scale system, KITE would bring relief to communities stricken by natural disaster or otherwise devoid of the infrastructure necessary to support centralized electrical generation.

Large Hydrostatic Wind Turbine
Lower cost - High efficiency - Longer life
The energy of wind is free, but the costs of the turbines transmitting the energy into electricity are too high to be competitive with conventional ways to produce electricity.

Light Tube was developed as a possible solution to produce clean water, without algae formation after exposition under the sun. Until now, optical sterilization by UV involved the use of a tank, in which the liquid must be irradiated for a certain period.

The idea is to provide an appropriate design that can be built with materials available in hardware stores anywhere in the world, using relatively simple tools, in rural environments and therefore can easily be copied by people in the developing world.

Geothermal energy* and over 60% of man made energy is wasted as low heat.

}A device for transferring resonant magnetic energy between a source of current and the human body.

This is a compact device which serves to provide a localized application of magnetic energy to electrically-charged tissues,

This engine basically removes the consumption of fuel and uses magnetic force to rotate the pistons. Basically when two magnets facing the same pole come closer then a torque is produced which tends to rotate the magnet.

This technology is my idea using Magnetic Turbines to produce electricity that can be very much an alternative to Wind, Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear and Solar energies.

This is kind of rotating the turbines in the form of axle it 

Mass Trapping of invasive destructive insects, compost them into fertilizer and feed them to the plants they intended to destroy without the use of pesticides.

Global warming, international trade and natural processes have dramatically influenced the proliferation and destructive influence of specific species of insects. Forestry,

An idea has the potential to change the world. The new budding ideas need to be nurtured and carried efficiently to create a world of our thinking and so is my dream.

“OMG ! I have created an ample amount of electrical energy to run my bulbs,

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