Sustainable Technologies

The Inverted Gas Turbine


“Warming of the climate system is unequivocal.” [1] Fossil fuels have afforded humanity an unprecedented high standard of living at an equally high cost to the environment.

With this machine, the idea is to harness as much possible energy from as little space as possible.

With the horizontal blade configuration,

Trash-a-nator is a device used to reduce the garbage produced. Here in India, disposal of garbage has always been a problem. People dump garbage on public grounds and segregation is not yet implemented.

Tri-comb(tm) Panel Core Structures were created to facilitate mass production of economical, high-performance panels. The real world applications are vast. Substantial savings in weight, materials, shipping and production costs are all simultaneously possible when Tri-comb(tm) replaces conventional panels or even honeycomb.

Air source heat pumps are generally known, but their fans produce acoustic noise. The fence heat exchanger does not need fans due to large surface area. When a liquid refrigerant at a low temperature and low pressure passes through the tube fence heat exchanger,

Blades of the turbine have cuts which open cavities inside the blades. The stream of air or water comes inside the blade and presses inside too.

Thus the area of pressure of a wind or water increases almost in 2 times without change of a configuration of the blade.

No problem has ever rounded global leaders together quite like the global energy crisis. Oil geologists and analysts have forecast the impending global Peak Oil, a point at which the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached, followed by irreversible decline. To date,

We have developed a novel wind turbine that overcomes the solidity limitation of conventional designs, by opening the center of the rotor which allows to increase the number of blades without incurring loss of efficiency. According to our design,

J & M Associates is a Philadelphia firm creating environmental technologies that economically produce solutions to water, waste water, oil produced water,gas fracking water and valuable fluid recycling problems. We have developed a non-disposable, non-clogging,

In order for the various participants in our working society to properly understand where they fit in and to appreciate how they can operate in the most effective manner, it is necessary for their education that the can understand HOW OUR SOCIAL SYSTEM WORKS.

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