J & M: Technical and marketing information relating to J & M’s newly developed electrolytic, magnet ACES device. ACES stands for Aortic Calcification Elimination System. J & M Associates has technical knowledge in engineering, and new materials for various power supplies and antenna applications, which would facilitate safely dissolving calcification deposits in the human body by noninvasive means.

We have just launched a new wholly owned subsidiary, Human Medical Labs (HML), to develop and bring this device to market.

The basic concept of the device is certain RF and electromagnet radiation is applied to the plaque area by an inductor coil placed around the patient’s body or body part to be treated. This procedure is very ...

The Acetabular cup is the component which is placed into the acetabulum (hip socket). Cartilage and bone are removed from the acetabulum and the acetabular cup is attached using friction or cement. Some acetabular cups are one piece, while others are modular. One piece (monobloc) shells are either UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) or metal, they have their articular surface machined on the inside surface of the cup and do not rely on a locking mechanism to hold a liner in place. A monobloc polyethylene cup is cemented in place while a metal cup is held in place by a metal coating on the outside of the cup. Modular cups consist of two pieces, a shell and liner. ...

Dishwashers normally have a fine filter to capture food soils from dishes during wash cycles. Soil may be accumulated on the filter surface hence partially or completely clog it. When this happens, water may not go through filter sufficiently to supply circulation pump, hence the wash cycle has to be stopped and the dirty water drained. In some designs, the fine filter surface may not be cleaned thoroughly after drain hence filter efficiency may never recover in the remaining wash cycles.

An active fine filter cleaner is invented to clean the filter surface and save water usage. As shown in Fig. 1, it includes two rotation arms with water inlets pointing to opposite directions, close to the filter ...

Powered exoskeleton is a branch in robotics technology which is witnessing a rise in research and development. Its applications range from use in the medical industry to use in the military.

Our project is aimed at building an ExoArm which can be used for rehabilitative purposes and power amplification purposes.

Our research has led to development of a simple rotary hydraulic actuator which can provide the primary desired motion of our limbs (Elbow, Knee) rotation, directly from the pressurized fluid. This simple and unique design facilitates its use in variety of applications, which includes full body exoskeleton. Such actuation system will also be efficient in power amplification for its use in defense applications.

The Hydraulic ExoArm is designed to ...

Approximately 55% of the fuel used in the USA is consumed at highway speeds. 75% of this fuel is used to overcome air drag forces on the vehicle. Of the 75%, 20-40% of the aerodynamic drag force acts on the radiator area of the vehicle. An adaptive fairing design can be incorporated about the radiator area thus saving 6-8% of the total fuel used in the USA today. This reduction can decrease our dependence on imported oil. The fuel standards are increasing each year and the automotive companies can utilize this technology to meet future highway economy standards.

Automotive manufacturers are incorporating active grille shutters on many models to limit the air flow passing through the radiator and engine ...

The Adaptive Medical Bed is an idea I came up with during my grandfather's battle with cancer. While in the Hospital, Rehab Center and Home Hospice I noticed numerous issues with moving him laterally and elevating a side or part of a side. These issues were exacerbated by the pain he was experiencing. Elevating his head, torso or legs were better but still not optimum.

It is designed to help patients who have trouble moving or it is painful to move them, lateral or longitudinal elevation. This bed is designed to assist the patient in getting on their side in a comfortable position that does not bring pain to the patient as well as help the doctor with ...

The ADCDS-1801 is an industry-leading, application specific CCD image converter designed for electronic-imaging applications that employ CCD's (charge coupled devices) as their photodetector. The ADCDS-1801 incorporates a "user configurable" input amplifier, a CDS (correlated double sampler) and an 18-bit resolution sampling A/D converter in a single package, providing the user with a complete, high performance, low-cost, low-power, integrated solution.

The key to the ADCDS-1801's performance is a unique, high-speed, high-accuracy CDS circuit, which eliminates the effects of residual charge, charge injection and "kT/C" noise on the CCD's output floating capacitor, producing a pixel data output signal. The ADCDS-1801 digitizes this resultant pixel data signal using a high-speed, low-noise sampling A/D converter.

The ADCDS-1801 requires only the ...

Aim of this is to present the alternative HEV (PHEV) concept, potentially more efficient than fuel-cell powertrains, which can in the same time compete with the conventional vehicles (CV) in retail prize, functionality and all drive situations!


Despite the progress of technical science the efficiency and power-output of internal combustion engines (ICE-Otto/Diesel) is still disappointingly bad:
*The Tank-to-Wheel energy efficiency …. generally less than 22% of the energy contained in diesel and 18% of that contained in petrol – the rest is lost as heat!
European Association for Battery Electric Vehicles, 2008*
Paradoxically - the inefficiency is frequently addressed on indispensable thermic losses, whereas by default its thermal efficiency depends exclusively from the compression ratio.
According ...

INFLASOLE™ also known as “Inflatable Insoles” or “Adjustable Comfort Insole” is removable shoe inserts/orthotics with a miniature air-pump and relief-valve assembly built-in underneath arch pillow, so wearers can adjust air-pressure, the softness of the insoles, according wearers weight and activities, such as: Standing, Walking, Running, Sports, etc.

Athletes who use INFLASOLE™ improve their performance – they stand taller and can jump higher. Back pain, foot and knee injuries, caused by frequent impact on hard surfaces, while running and jumping, are significantly reduced.

INFLASOLE™ is made of several polyurethane materials and several components and assembled with special tools and radio frequency (RF) machines. See www.InflaSole.com .

Unlike traditional orthotics the NFLASOLE™ provides Heel Support and Dynamic Arch Support. When wearer, ...

Vehicles on road are driven by the power delivered by the engine, which intern is limited by the Road Loads acting over the vehicle under driven state. Most common Loads are Aerodynamic and Rolling resistance.

By using the same concept for braking we can also improve the active safety systems in a vehicle.

It basically aims at increasing the Road Loads on a vehicle by reducing the tire inflation pressure and hence assisting in stopping the vehicle.

For this system, we will require to slightly modify the current types of tires and brakes used in automobile.

Most promising would be the use of SI tires used in combination with the brake peddle pressure sensor.

A peddle pressure sensor ...

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