We know and see that any running car while leave any place, the wind goes toward the leaving place from all sides. By this method we can produce wind power from a train by rotate turbine up to 6 m.w. by carring only 8-10 M.T. (approx with wind power store room which is installed at the end of cast bogie of train) extra weight.

Two metal sheet wall of 12-15ft. length each is installed at the two side of the end of the wind power store room keeping distance of 2-3ft from back wall. The roof of these wall is covered and side wall is connected with bogey of train by angle type or beam type iron. Turbine to ...

With a market for hardware embedded system larger than 100 billion USD, the protection of these systems against various threats has become a significant issue. The vulnerability of the microsystems against side attacks has been evidenced by P. Kocher in 1998. Side-attacks rely on the recognition of the “signatures” of data transfers and of executed instructions, typically by correlation analysis. The analysis essentially involves the correlation between of the waveforms of the power (current) consumption.

The protections against this type of attack use cryptographic methods, hardware methods that try to mask the pattern of the current consumption, and a combination of them. Examples of hardware methods comprise the use of dummy circuits that are randomly switched on to modify ...

A new model for a solar chimney power plant (SCPP) with a square-based pyramidal shape, having three sloped solar collectors (each having the shape of a trapezium), a cylindrical collector, a chimney and a field of sun-tracking mirrors, has been abstracted. The geographical latitude and the dimensions of the truncated pyramidal base structure correspond to the ones of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The east, south and west sides of the pyramid are assumed to be constructed as flat solar collectors, while the upper part of the chimney has a cylindrical collector. On the north side, the truncated pyramid has one inlet implying there is no collector on this north side. The ambient air enters the pyramid from the ...

Developing countries are becoming major players in the world economy. But in almost all such nations, energy crisis threatens the inclusive development from this rapid economic growth. With limited energy, nations like India (where the urban contribution to the GDP is over 70%) cannot improve the power security and quality for its rural areas. By affecting services like education and health care, the crisis affects the overall human development and lead to a rise in poverty.

Sunverter is a power electronic device that can convert existing backup systems into an intelligent solar energy management system. Solar photovoltaic panels are connected to existing systems and the generated energy is stored in batteries while excess energy is utilized in ...

The headspace in containers for liquid and viscous products may originally be oxygen-free, but as the content is depleted, air is taken in and the oxygen concentration rises.
Bag-in-bottle solutions have separated content from the atmosphere by placing it in a flaccid inner container surrounded by a semi-rigid, flexible outer compartment containing air.

• The present invention reverses the roles of the two compartments: the product is in an outer, semi-rigid, flexible container made of an oxygen barrier, from which it is dispensed through a one-way valve with outward direction; air is sucked into a centrally positioned, distensible subcompartment through a one-way valve with inward direction. This subcompartment contains an oxygen scavenger, so the content is bounded on one ...

The objectives of this project are to:
•Increase overall commercial fleet fuel efficiency
•Improve tire wear and service life
•Decrease fleet tire maintenance costs and compliance with federal safety regulations

Under-inflated tires significantly reduce a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by increasing rolling resistance (drag force). The Air Maintenance Technology system described in this proposal replenishes lost air and maintains optimal tire cavity pressure whenever the tire is rolling in service, thus improving overall fuel economy by reducing the tire’s rolling resistance. The system consists of an inlet air filter, an air pump driven by tire deformation during rotation and a pressure regulating device.

Pressurized air in the tire cavity naturally escapes by diffusion through the tire and wheel, leaks in ...

Is your keyboard hooked into your computer by means of metal rods that go up and down when you press a key? Is your mouse integrated with your motherboard? Did Dell redesign your entire computer when browsers had to update for HTML 5?

Is your computer a mechanically integrated mess of interdependent components designed and built from the ground up by one company to never be upgraded or updated?

No? Why do you put up with a car like that?

At A Truly Electric Car Company (ATECC), we think the car should be a synthesis of separate components that talk to each other in the same electric language. If your brakes offend you, take them out and replace them ...

Introducing a unique, slip fit, self-locking adapter for mounting ball bearings onto a shaft. The Torksleeve BC design provides superior radial and axial locking that allows the bearing’s inner ring to fit concentrically with the shaft and offers full bearing support which eliminates shaft fretting. The Torksleeve BC features slip fit of the bearing onto the shaft, so it does not require additional tools for installation. Mounting and dismounting is accomplished with a single standard hex key saving assembly and maintenance time.

Once locked, Torksleeve BC resists vibration loosening, increases the life of single or bidirectional rotation bearings. This new mounting method can be applied in numerous industries that are searching for better and easier ways of mounting ball ...

Electric Paint Spray Guns are used at execution of repair or reconstruction of buildings and premises. It is well known that in the course of work with Electric Paint Spray Gun it is necessary to execute a auxiliary operations which include transfusion of a paint and hashing for achievement to necessary viscosity. For these purposes it is important to have the simple and convenient pump and a mixer.

We developed the adapter for performance of this works (Fig.1) on the basis of vibratory cavitation technology.
Specification (Fig.1)
1. Assembly the union
2. A clamping nut
3. The holder of the pump’s case
4. The case of the pump
5. The acceptance union of the pump

Working with a considerably varied group of users, with different needs, an interface suitable to them was achieved. Our interface integrates accessible interface ideas in a single portable interface that can contribute to people with disabilities’ autonomy at home. Being a potential solution to improve the autonomy of people with impairments, the interviews have shown that home automation is not even considered as a possible solution to these people’s reality. They consider home automation a high technology solution out of their reach. It points out to the demand for researching and developing lower cost and simpler solutions.

This product is mainly focus on autonomy at home. It can be proposed by monitoring and controlling the status of temperature sensor, ...

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