Since the environmental movement took hold of automobiles, designs have been refining to ever more lightweight, gas reducing models with some even providing new forms of fuel. The world has been introduced to electric automobiles as well as solar powered and hybrid fuel cell models. This designs proposes to use, drinking alcohol, and ethanol, in a reaction with sulfuric acid to dehydrate the alcohol into diethyl ether, H2O and sulfur. The sulfur will be further metabolized through a microbial sulfur fuel cell structure.


Diethyl Ether has been used in ignitions and carburetors due to its fast startup and low ignition temperatures. Many consumers decide to look over electric and fuel cell vehicles because they start slow, run ...

High density algae production module – sustainable technology

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This innovation increases algae production over 1000% per sq foot vs open air ‘standard’ surface rates of less than 3/8” deep. A cluster of enclosed cellular tubes, each with a laminated custom wavelength light source, creates a constant ideal algae biomass growth environment.

This production module overcomes many of the principle commercialization challenges of conventional algae biomass production, which include:
- seasonal production - large water areas conversion to algae production, - algae genetic control - bio-mass collection systems for open water - sufficient production to make regional or on-site bio-oil extraction financially viable.

Base modules are 4 feet by 4 feet by ...

Use a spectrometer with a coded algorithm that uses the Internet to send alerts to a smart device. The scanner can scan food of many types providing the end user with the information needed when dining out. It should be in portable form with a back up battery or induction ...

The Allycat Search Units and Rescue Unit is designed to go where no man should be, and pull them back to safety, while maintaining a safe operational distance for the humans involved in the rescue.

The Search Units are one Mother Ship with four smaller drones latched on, when the AO is reached, the four smaller drones take off to build up a web of data and information in locating the objective, which is a lost crew or stranded person(s).

Once located, the Search Unit Mother Ship moves into position and drops the Rescue Unit, which targets the distressed vessel and with the assistance of on board GPS auto-pilot systems moves into place to allow distressed crew the easiest ...

Like Intex corporation builds above ground pools, my invention is for lunar construction of a living station. The circular design is similar to Apple's corporate center, it's layout simple and raised chemically with the use of a combination of Pepsi and Mintos! The wall structure uses an atmosphere similar to Earth's that keeps the structure structurally sound and habitable. This fast tracked self contained environment provides a large space, fast and with no on site construction required to build the structure.

Basically it is shipped and dropped on the lunar surface and remotely activated, setting the chemical reaction in place. Then the chemical reaction produces the gas needed to expand the double wall facility. After the structure self raises ...

Wings are becoming an integral part in the formula cars. With wings the downward force increases and so the cornering speed. But as the normal force due to aerodynamic downward force increases, the distance the car spins before it stops when full brakes are applied, (i.e, when the control on car is lost during cornering or drift) also increases. As the distance is more so impact energy while striking the barrier at some distance will be high and greater chance of casualty is there. Below is the mathematical explanation.

During turning, center force required to turn the car (Fc) = mv2/R
Frictional force(Fr)= nN
So, kinetic energy that the car possess(Ek)= (1/2)mv2
During skidding, energy absorbed= work done ...

Conventional cooling methods like Mechanical Vapour Compression Cycle uses refrigerants which contains CFC which depletes ozone. Looking forward for a green and cost efficient cooling source, the ‘Peltier-Seebeck’ effect paves way for a new technology called ‘Thermoelectrics’. When voltage is applied to Peltier element, it creates a temperature difference i.e one side becomes cold and the other becomes hot.

The main aim of this research is to use this cooling/heating source to replace conventional air conditioning techniques. While hot and humid Indian weather causes condensation on the cooling surface and as also humidity has to be controlled for human comfort, air has to be dehumidified before cooling it. Desiccant materials like activated charcoal, silica gel etc. has ...

The Alternator Recharger is a concept derived from the current working of the turbocharger.

The high amount of exhaust gases coming out of IC Engine are fed out of engine without any use.Today turbocharging is the method which uses these exhaust gases in some vehicles but not all.

We here present this concept of alternator Recharger in which a battery is charged using an alternators which runs from exhaust pressure.The convectional alternator uses engine power for their working,but in our case the alternator is removed from engine and fixed to a turbine which is fixed at exhaust outlet.

The battery recharged can be used for various electrical and electronic equipment in a vehicle. This technology can also be used ...

Amphi-BX is a hub steered, fork-less amphibious two-wheeler which can run both
on land and water. At present there is no two wheeler compatible like this. The main
advantage of this bike is its compatibility. The front and rear wheel of this vehicle will flip when it changes its terrain from land to water in order to give more balance and buoyancy in water.

The Bajaj PULSAR-150 engine with maximum power of 15.06 HP was selected for serving our purpose. We are using the single cylinder petrol engine of a Bajaj Pulsar-150 as the power source. On the land, the vehicle is steered using a cable and hub steering. In water, the steering handle alone can steer the vehicle, ...

AmWisp offers instant, self-powered communications infrastructure and business continuity planning for any situation. It can be used to access High Speed Internet almost anywhere in the world, including areas without existing infrastructure. It can also be used for security systems and HD broadcasting, including camera hosting in remote locations where structured cable for data and power is too costly or inaccessible.
AmWisp has partnered with a world-renowned, U.S. military prime contractor to manufacture and streamline production of our device. Our manufacturer will provide full support on all data agreements and offer direct support for each unit.

AmWisp is portable, instant, self-sustaining communications. It truly is Internet everywhere. It can be powered by renewable, self-sustaining, green energy sources. It has ...

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