Operating a laptop on your lap is not comfortable in summer, an old slow laptop drives you crazy. Cooling down will increase speed significantly. Two key factors impact the performance: endless software updating and limited air circulation space. A tiny space resist air flow and heat dispel, increasing space under laptop is more efficient than added a fan. 3 in 1 laptop cooling pad, lap desk, & sleeve raises laptop 2” higher than most cooling pads, has most cooling efficiency. It is self-stored into a sleeve. It combines carrying, operating, and cooling for everywhere you go.

Our 3 in 1 bagged cooling pad increases air circulation space 10x compared to most cooling pads, lowering air and heat resistance dramatically. It ...

As times are changing, so are the way that doctors perform their duties. A new trend in nursing has arisen with the coming of the Registered Nurse Practitioner. This is a Registered Nurse that has obtained a doctorate level degree. This allows for doctor to not be present during the time when the nurse is practicing; at least not in the room. There still has to be one licensed medical doctor per so many nurses present on each shift. Furthermore, a Licensed Doctor is required for performing such things as surgeries or operations. This design will allow for greater portability of the physician during medical procedures and for medical research. It is a holographic 3-D microscopic mobile ...

The 3-terminal converter is built with HV IGBT transistors with 6,5kV blocking voltage. Transistors are controlled by fiber optic from DSP and FPGA based controller. Entire device consists of three subcircuits, which create configurable bidirectional multilevel converter, based on "DIODE CLAMPED" structure. The first converter is composed of three active rectifiers connected in series, supplied by isolation transformer. The second converter is four-level inverter and rectifier, coupled directly with 6kV AC grid. The third part is chopper as active voltage balancing system. All subcircuits are connected to a common 10kV DC link. Implemented algorithms are based on space vector modulation techniques (SVPWM). For operation with highly distorted working conditions there are advanced PLL methods for harmonic identification applied. Application ...


Crystalline Energy Research Corporation (CER) has designed a revolutionary new Capacitor Energy Pack (CEP) for Electrical Vehicles (EVs) using Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs). The MLCCs utilize CER’s novel and developmental capacitor dielectric materials that have K (Dielectric Constant) factors in excess of 300 hundred million. The CEP would contain 12,000 MLCCs; each MLCC with a 5.5 Farad rating, for a total of 66,000 Farads. Utilizing a charging system that converts 240 Volts AC (VAC) to 336 Volts DC (VDC), the CEP could store 1,000 Kilowatt Hours (KWh). The voltage converting system could be either external or internal to the CEP and the discharging circuitry would be internal. The CEP would be similar in ...

Most of the 3D phones in the market are basically displaying pseudo-3D images on 2D planes by utilizing the human binocular disparity. With reducing feature size of transistors, and increasing much more sophisticated and powerful processors, sensors, lasers and software tools, it is time to have a real 3D phone.

Our idea is to have a regular smartphone which can be used for daily habit (Fig. A). But, it can be expanded to a real 3D phone (Fig. B). We can use a modified version of True 3D Display using Laser plasma technology by Burton Inc. to implement this idea.

Also, using several front cameras causes to have a range of 3D effects for video chatting (Fig. C). To ...

This design is to use a standard powder feeder that is available from sources such as Praxair or Thermach. It uses a pulsed laser to melt powder and feedback to determine the state of the melt puddle. The feedback is from an optical pyrometer that has a mechanical shutter to protect it from the laser, as the laser and pyrometer can't be used at the same time.

The pedestal work surface will rotate, and be synchronized with A, B, and Z pulses from an encoder. It will speed up and slow down depending on the location from center for constant surface speed. Other axis horizontal (from center) and vertical (height) are with linear positioners with encoder feedback. Encoder feedback ...

Custom, compact, high performance air-cooled heat sinks, designed to meet the most demanding electronics cooling requirements in both commercial and military applications. This product is the result of the DARPA Research & Development program, entitled Micro- technologies for Air-Cooled Exchangers (MACE), to advance the air side heat transfer performance over current State-of-the-Art heat sinks. The unique design integrates Thermacore’s Therma-Base® Vapor Chamber technology within a truly 3-Dimensional heat pipe cooling product, where the vapor flow spreads the heat both laterally in the base and vertically into planar appendage heat pipe blades for a highly efficient, isothermal 3D heat sink. Attached to the planar blades are high density rolled and louvered fins, resulting in an isothermal, high surface area, air-cooled ...

Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD) are a major cause of heart attack events which may lead to disabilities and death. Recent advances in CAD diagnosis include computed aided and physical 3D printed models. Both methods are computer coronary reconstruction dependent.

This work enlists a comprehensive method for computer coronary reconstruction and physical model 3D printed, which is generated after a segmentation process from the region of interest (ROI).

Initial step of the presented method includes a precise strategy for image acquisition through Computed Tomography (CT), where two points must be observed: the first point is to synchronize the time of image acquisition at CT with heart beat, in order to obtain a static image, this process is achieved by using ...

To reduce the cost of patient care, a novel type of microprobe that measures the levels of drugs, hormones, or proteins in 1 drop sample of a biologic fluid has been designed. With this device physicians can diagnose various diseases, monitor progress of a therapy, and follow patient compliance with a drug regimen in their office without having to send out samples for analysis. This speeds diagnosis while reducing costs of medical care.

The microprobe on which the device is based is part of a circuit consisting of an anode, cathode, and device (ammeter) that measures the flow of electrons between the two (Fig. 2). The microprobe component of the device consists of a gold-coated wire (anode) coated with ...

Future engines must meet tough fuel economy and emissions standards without sacrificing power. Variable valve actuation (VVA) can help, but current engines with VVA all have camshafts, so they are not fully variable. LIM Technology has invented a pneumatically actuated, digitally managed valve which is fully variable and requires no camshaft. The video shows how a LIM valve works in our 2-stroke engine, and how it might work in a 4-stroke engine.

Installing LIM valves in our optimized 2-stroke diesel offers the best combination of:
- fuel efficiency.
- power density.
- simplicity
- manufacturability.

Unlike some proposed “fully” variable systems, LIM valves are not limited by:
- electrical system capacity.
- mechanical complexity.

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