The Turbo-Cooling system (TCS) is a system for reducing engine charge air temperature to below ambient levels. Thermodynamically it is an air-cycle cooling system, which provide the charge air cooling function for a turbocharged gasoline or diesel engine.

The concept of reducing the resultant downward force by using aerodynamic lift is being studied in the present work. This lift is induced by a series of wings attached on the top of the vehicle. To validate the proposed method 3D models of two test vehicles,

This proposal relates to a Hybrid Split Type Internal Combustion Engine. The hybrid construction has resemblance to a four stroke engine having valve arrangement but produces Power for each rotation like a two stroke engine.

Conventional internal combustion engines have their displacement fixed. My project is to make an engine which can have a variable displacement due to which power can be optimized as required.

Nowadays, the “non-demountable” trend of IC engine diagnostics is becoming ever more widespread. One of the techniques used in such diagnostics is vibroacoustic monitoring. It is used in safety and ecology, but not in in car workshops.

Highway vehicle accidents during inclement weather due to decreased visibility, and inefficient rubber windshield wiper mechanisms.

Several embodiments are shown of a proposed system that uses a centrifugal compressor/impeller,or a mini-multi-stage turbine to draw in fresh,filtered air.
Said compressor/turbine can be driven by a belt,

Of the 38,000 level crossings (Rail-Road Intersections) in India, 50 % are unmanned. There is a steady increase in the number of accidents (about 35 per cent of the train accidents) occurring at unmanned level crossings (ULC). Apart from disrupting rail and road services, loss of lives, vehicles,

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation technology that is more efficient and environment friendly, especially when it is combined with renewable energy sources. However, the high cost of lithium battery packs is the major limiting factor for more wide market acceptance of electric vehicles.

World Land Speed Record (Wheel-Driven) Project

An Australian automotive R&D company - Dynex International Pty Ltd - is coordinating an exciting project, aimed at breaking the “proper” (wheel-driven) World Land Speed Record.

The exigent global energy shortage and air pollution problem is also affecting our prosperity. One way to address both of these issues is to make carbon-fuel-utilization more efficient.

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