Our idea is to manufacture 4 models of loader mechanical equipment alternative completely new not resemble or like the loader and perform the same functions in the loading and unloading directly from the stacks to the truck higher than Loader efficiently.

CEM ROTARY CYLINDER ENGINE – Efficiency, Simplicity and High-Performance for the Next Generation of Automobiles

El Segundo, CA. – What has 6 pistons, 12 cylinders, and just 7 internal moving parts? Well, if Los Angeles inventor Eddie Paul and his elite group of investors could have their way,

Nigi torque multiplier as the name implies is a mechanism for multiplying torque. Consider two rotors coupled together. In normal case if these two rotors are connected together and allowed to rotate, then the same torque acting on the outer rotor would also act on the inner rotor.

President “Presidential”


Summary :
The present invention relates to transmission mechanism for an internal combustion engine which will improve the internal combustion engine's efficiency and power output by enabling very fast combustion with improved characteristics.


This concept focuses on the utilization of engine waste heat energy and it is done by the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle), which uses the refrigerant as a working fluid by replacing coolant (Ethylene Glycol) from engine jacket. The ORC generates high pressure to run the turbine of turbocharger.

Over-The-Air Programming (OTA) based engine management updating system along with mutual data sharing with OEM's for vital performance monitoring.

We are surrounded by technology and automobile is no exception.

Every few years, it seems, we’re presented with the same empty promise: “Coming Soon! The Affordable Car that Flies like a Plane!” Though it’s true there have been prototypes in the air, and some companies may even be taking orders,

Existing alternator design is the most cheap and efficient way of generating voltage to recharge an automotive battery. It is also relatively simple with few moving parts and fairly reliable. The limitation is that it utilizes engine-cranking power to generate voltage reducing engine horsepower and reducing fuel economy.

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