In this fast and furious world, we have forgotten to introduce ease in transportation. Therefore Intelligent Mobility Systems (IMS) introduces you to applications that can solve your daily problem of movement and simultaneously help your earn money as well as reduce pollution.

Many accidents are generated by drunk people whose drivers licenses were previously suspended. My idea is:

- all drivers licenses have to be in smart-card form
- every car/truck must have a smart-card reader
- if a valid drivers license is not inserted in the reader,

In recent years, the traffic safety issues becoming more important about how to further reduce casualties. In addition to the driver's attention to safety, how to protect the pedestrian safety is the focus of another need to think about. Road safety for the elderly, those with reduced mobility,

ISAS (Integrated Shock Absorber -Air Spring) is an easy and cheap solution for vehicle trim correction easy-going or in real time, to increase stability, comfort, passing capacity, handling, cruise speed and active security, reducing the risk of undercarriage damage.

A variety of measures have been taken to minimize the power consumption of modern electric and hybrid vehicles in order to maximize their range between charges. From an aerodynamic design, to regenerative braking mechanics,

Lifeguard Shell consists of a hollow sphere, airtight door, porthole, air vent, portable toilet, seat, bladder (water tank), GPS, light, etc. The hollow sphere is made up of aluminium. So that it can float on the water. Watertight door is fixed on the hollow sphere.

There are some needs of better transport routes for Eastern Europe. For the moment on the roads of Eastern Europe there is the strict limitation of speed on the level of maximum 130 km/h.

NASA Langley researchers, in work spanning more than a decade, have developed a portfolio of technologies for low-temperature gas catalysis. Originally developed to support space-based CO2 lasers, the technology has evolved into an array of performance capabilities and processing approaches,

The design that I am going to explain about is quite simple and also easy to understand. The main purpose of this design is to bring down the overall fuel consumption of the engine and also reduce the pollutants level.

Magnetic Repulsive piston engine system and operating method for a vehicle is theoretically formulated. Basic theory for the engine is proposed and model for the proposed Vehicle is theoretically constructed with its working.

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