The major concern for this and upcoming decades is energy conservation and pollution control that's exactly what our project is about.

The proposed project presents the use of electromagnetic energy in order to substitute the conventional hydraulic braking system and all of its parts made using pollutants materials.Originally well oriented to electric vehicles, can be adjusted to be used into conventional automotive cars or hybrids vehicles.

This energy system can be used to access an energy state and transfer a type of energy from one type of energy state to another type of energy state.

The electric or hybrid regenerative paddle-wheel boat or RPB, is an economic and ecological solution for the people locomotion, fishing, and merchandise transport on rivers, which will have none (if electric) or reduced (if hybrid) fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,

With the previous experience I had regarding about this contest with a new concept by keeping in mind that "Design is a Continuous Process of Concentration in which each step has to be worked through carefully to the end.”

The advantages of this engine are that it is simple in design, easy and economical to manufacture, and has a lower parts count. In addition, it has low weight per horsepower output, it is compact, indifferent to overload and stall, and can be adapted to diesel, gasoline, natural gas,

Potholes and manhole covers are a huge annoyance for every driver. Potholes require a full crew, time and equipment to repair. Manhole covers often aren't in line with the pavement and can't be covered with blacktop in order to maintain serviceability.

According to the EPA,

RVCR is a seed-machine kinematics that has various downstream applications in engines, renewable energy power generators and utility machines. RVCR enables a feature called ‘VCR’ (Variable compression Ratio) which specially revolutionises engines.


Clear View Filtration’s Patented Filter Assemblies were designed to be used as an oil filter for internal combustion engines. The sight window allows visually inspection of the fluid or oil pumping through the filter, this helps determine the condition of the fluid.

The proposed work deals with a fabrication and testing of a battery electric vehicle with self-charging system for 2 passengers and for weight up to 250 kg.

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