This entry is for the Mass Ignition Internal Combustion Engine (MIICE). Most similar in operation to the spark ignition, Otto Cycle engine, the MIICE concept is uniquely characterized by a fuel / air ratio sub-LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) at all times and by ignition throughout a volume.

Problem of existing system: There is no detection mechanism of inefficient braking in the existing system. The vehicle moving with higher speed and having inefficient braking cannot be stopped within a considerable distance and time, which may eventually lead to road accident.

In 1995, engineers at the Michelin Technology Center in Greenville, S.C. envisioned a future where vehicles and machines would be able to be driven without experiencing a flat due to loss of air.

You might have heared about gesture controlled, augement controlled vehicles. Now image controlling your car using your mind. Here I have used the EEG sensor to record the mind waves and develop some algorithms by which the car movement can be easily controlled by means of our mind.

In today's world as we know pollution is a very big nuisance for all. What I am proposing is a molecular sieves air filter that reduces NOx and other harmful chemical substances coming out of the exhaust pipes of vehicles.

In rural India bad roads are a very common sight. Due to these bad road conditions poor farmers lose their little money to maintain these tyres which wear out faster and have frequent punctures.

The purpose of this invention is to automatically stabilize a two wheeled motorbike or scooter as it starts off, comes to a stop or is parked.

Nowadays, many engineering concepts have come up with bright ideas, but the common people cannot handle the financial assistance for bringing them to reality. We designed a multi powered cycle which is very low cost and can run by pedaling and solar powered sources.

Influit Energy presents a prototype design of a novel rechargeable nanoelectrofuel (NEF) flow battery (Figure 1). Our transformational approach uses advancements in nanotechnology and merges high energy density solid battery materials with flexibility of flow batteries creating new energy storage format.

Autonomously driven, electrically powered vehicles have the potential to save lives, energy, time, and as a result reduce air pollution. A completely new, nationwide, mass transit system for self-driven, privately owned, electric cars on an elevated fixed guideway could be built for much less than high-speed rail.

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