Make the auto-pilot on cars that will stay in a highway lane, maintain the speed limit, slow down to not hit the car in front.

Abstract— the current world has an acute shortage of power & fuel. If the price of power & fuel fluctuates the entire human community is upset and the entire system confused. Since most of the fuel energy is consumed by automobiles we focus on the need to find 

It is the intersection of a cube and a sphere, a three dimensional sine wave, a pattern found all throughout the world. At high speed a traditional wheel suffers from the effect known as “speed wobble”

Sky Tram is a wind and solar-powered high speed transportation system that aims to connect every city in the USA within 10 years. The Sky Tram transportation system will support innovative R&D with its culmination of technologies and services.

Sleeved Shock Absorber

The concept here is to have a shock absorber that is simple to manufacture and yet can have a variable area orifice for a desired fluid restriction along the entire travel of the piston.

Not everyone can afford a new car with helpful sensors. Nor does everyone need all the fancy sensors. Utilizing cheap and simple sensors like infrared for proximity sensing. And having simple transmitter in sensors and simple receiver in automobile with LED notifications or sounds. Or a phone application.

Researchers at NASA Kennedy Space Centers (KSC) Corrosion Technology Laboratory have developed a smart, environmentally friendly coating system for early detection and inhibition of corrosion and self-healing of mechanical damage without external intervention.

Motorcycle/Bikes are most preferable transportation machinery in developing countries. We have hybrid vehicle, Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles, Electric Vehicles in developed countries but they are still far away of the reach of general public in developing countries because of their heavy cost.

Overloading on vehicles is one of the major problem in the entire world and its hard to stop it by applying strong laws but what if we disable the vehicle to run if its overloaded.

Improvement of energy efficiency and ecological cleanliness of internal combustion engines with spark ignition is a task of vital importance and alternative fuels are one of the ways to solve it. Many researches and tests conducted by various institutes all over the world revealed advantages of different alternative fuels,

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