There are certain areas within a city which require better safety systems when it comes to driving. Residential areas and schools for example feature a high pedestrian activity which increases the risk of accidents. In order to do that, speed limiters have been installed on the road,

SpeedoMAX relates to a height adjustable speed bump that is designed specifically for controlling the speed of vehicles as well as an entry barrier when used for blocking restricted areas.

Enviromental and economical issues render the need for highly efficient universal source of mechanical power most urgent. The most efficient way to convert thermal energy to useful work is to fuel inside engine's cylinder, and highly efficient and clean thermodynamic processes for producing hot high pressure gases, like detonation,

Abstract :-

As far as my project is concerned , it is a wireless controlling droid which can be used to give the virtual presence of any human being at any place across the world. Let us take an example to give a better view of my project,

is an internal combustion engine in which the cylinders are arranged in radial lines around the crankshaft and pistons, disconnected from the latter, the transfer of the kinetic energy exclusively through the interaction of magnetic fields static generated by permanent magnets.

We have designed a car seat by using Pro/E Software, later used analysis on it using Ansys 14.0. We have done study to Use Suction Pump on Seat Car as an alternative of Seat Belt and Air Bag that works during Accident or Crash in almost every ordinary ,

Although more efficient than petrol vehicles, diesels produce relatively high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and soot. Recent health concerns about particulate matter have given diesels a less environmentally-friendly image:


Wheels eliminate friction because the contact point on the wheel and its rolling surface advance together. But boats displace water unless they plane or hydrofoil, which require high power inputs. So how is the wheel's efficiency made relevant for watercraft?

There's a surprisingly simple, two-step solution.

Our team is currently working on the development of a new concept concentric rotary engine. The technology we are developing is a novel approach of the internal combustion engines (ICEs) and, based on the CFD modeling and analysis,

My idea is a relative small construction attached to a ship to prevent it from sinking. Lets call it a shiplifebag. SLB. The SLB consists of a flexible hose wrapped around a wheel. In the middle of the wheel sits a big compressed airbag.

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