The use of valves in internal combustion engine is mandatory since the conception of four stroke engine. There are many different types of valves but the ones used in I.C engines are the poppet type.

The valve shall be split into two,

On cold days, and especially on rainy days, people tend to leave their bikes at home and find an alternative mean of transportation, causing a large concentration of vehicles on the streets and people in the public transportation system. In other words,

In present work we are going to provide a solution to car drivers who don’t have proper quantitative state of their tires.

A design concept for a trackless multi-dimensional ride vehicle. Using four independently controlled wheels this system will be able to simulate a vehicle out of control all while being in complete control of the system.This is accomplished by a base that can move in any direction and rotate.

In year 2013, 32,719 people died in US road accidents. Out of these around 8,598 people died because of crashes occurred at intersections on US roads ( Source: NHTSA traffic safety facts ).

In recent years, mankind has been trying to improve transportation systems, for making them more efficient and safe. In that way, one area to develop on trains is the braking system; nowadays consist of the use of disks and calipers.

This is a conceptual model were an air duct is used instead of electric fan inside the train coach. This concept is developed by considering present model of Indian railway.

This entry follows a similar one from my participation to the First Edition of CreateTheFutureContest.
The original concept of safety of travellers is the driver but the implementation is different.

The basic concept is to identify trains,

It is proposed a freight vehicle able to travel on the railway and the tramway.

1 Master tram-train all deck, with two flights of ends.
There are human presence on board (driver,

Although counter-intuitive, evolutionary internal combustion engine concepts are often times preferred over revolutionary ones. Although intriguing theoretical engine designs abound, a truly revolutionary engine concept’s value is questionable if it can’t be produced in quantity, inexpensively, and also provide reliable service. On the other hand,

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