Automated vehicles are destined to be the next revolution in transportation. But what comes after that? PRTProject takes transportation to the next level. It recognizes that rail is more efficient, safer,

In the 2013 contest session, it was proposed to store some kinetic energy in the rotor of the generator of a series-parallel hybrid powertrain (Prius Type), with or without a coupled flywheel. 150 KJ, roughly the vehicle kinetic energy at 50 Km/h,

The challenge areas are pertaining to Puncture of tyre in a vehicle, need of wheel balancing by use of carcinogenic material Lead, leakage of air/nitrogen from tyre resulting in low fuel efficiency and local overheating of tyre causing tyre bursts and decrease in tyre life.

Award-winning technology from Fraunhofer reduces noise emissions in vehicles.

In vehicles, engines cause vibrations that are transferred from the mounts and the adjacent structures to the interior where they typically result in unwanted sound emissions.

Automated Highway System with private cars driven automatically through guided pathway has a clear benefit of offering convenience, reducing door-to-door transit times and better utilization of the transportation system. Also with the precision of automation,

The Radially Asymmetric Dual Arc (RADA) Profile is a novel geometric configuration for the Elastomer of a Torsional Vibration Damper (TVD) that enhances the TVD’s fatigue-life while simultaneously improving the axial and radial run-outs between the two metallic components utilized therein.

My idea is to develop an electrically powered rail collision avoidance drone. The drone would precede the main locomotive by a sufficient, speed and grade dependant, distance to initiate an emergency stop in advance of an imminent collision or derailment.

3D Technical Prints company is honored to present its new product.
In this year we will start production of housing of railway signalling.
Novelty in that type of product is use of FDM 3D printing.
Our company created project of high-performance large format 3D printer.


The Range Detection Camera (RDC) can measure the distance from each pixel to the point on the object that is in focus at the pixel. Each pixel has both light intensity and range information. There is no stereoscopic effect involved.

Real Time Instrument Cluster On Mobile

Innovation in the field of smart cars is rampant given the current advancement in technologies. Digitizing the instrument cluster is gaining popularity with new feature added in every release of a newer version.

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