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Wagons have been with us since the horse and buggy, but are largely relegated to wide-open spaces like farmlands and tarmacs because of their inability to back-up. An ordinary wagon employs a stable, four-wheel chassis steered at the front with a ‘double pivot’ connection to a tow vehicle. The double pivot eliminates the vertical trailer loads on the tow vehicle, but it adds a second degree of freedom in the steering plane. Steering on conventional wagons when towing is inherently stable, however, the extra degree of freedom when backing causes jackknife and is not easily controlled. The current invention inserts a switchable coupling on the tongue, at the head of the ...

Bluetooth Vehicle Theft Prevention
The recent surge of vehicle burglaries in the LA area through hacking into remote entry devices prompted the design concept of measures to maintain the integrity of the vehicle security. Hackers are currently able to hide themselves a substantial distance from the target vehicle and clone the remote entry upon use. The perpetrators simply access the vehicle through the cloned device, remove any valuables and re-lock the vehicle on exit.

To eliminate the security issues resulting from remote control cloning, a Bluetooth transmitter is used to access the vehicle in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturer remote entry. The vehicle can continue to be locked a distance from the vehicle using the vehicle ...

Classically trained engineers have been left with the impression it is impossible to control 100% of the torque generated by a single lift rotor, using only the downdraft, within the same diameter as the lift rotor, because 100% of the torque minus 100% of the torque would leave no useable downdraft or zero lift.

This illusion has stymied the development of a torque control system with many potential applications.

Below is an abstract chosen by academics of the 2010 IPLC and vtol.org for presentation. Our websites are bodycopter.com and tsvls.com

The TSVLS solves the problem by locating a lift rotor over vertical airfoils arrayed within a shroud to create “horizontal lift” in an anti torque direction. Our testing shows ...

Newton’s 3rd law: For every action, there is an equivalent and opposite reaction. When the vehicle speed increases equivalent and opposite reaction is Wind resistance also increases. So creating wind resistances is the best way to stop the vehicle. But in cause of foundational brake system, pressure needs to be developed for braking.

Background :
When the emergency braking situation comes, people get panic to control the vehicle to avoid the accident. But unlikely we should not able to control the vehicle (refer Fig 1 to 5 without wind catcher). Why because all our primary, secondary, parking brake system depends upon surface contact between tyer and road. Even ABS/ESP can’t able to prevent the above situation. We have ...

I realize that this concept is too grandiose for the the context of this contest; but because it is something that our country desperately needs and something that we are destined to eventually have anyway, I want to take the opportunity to put it in front of as many eyes as I can possibly have look at the idea. I'm proposing a revolutionary new railroad system that will use the technology that exists today to make the railroad a sought after mode of travel to all areas of our country. Railroad shipping and passenger freight is the most cost effective way to transport from point A to point B. If we truly want to make the rail system appeal ...

Do you have the worst enemy of the environment parked in your garage? To change the car from ENEMY to FRIEND depends on us.

One hundred years ago Henry Ford’s Model T transformed the world.
It put affordable cars in the hands of the common people. But it also started an industrial and energy dependence that has led us to our worst environmental crisis in thousands of years. Plus, the transfer of wealth for automobiles and their energy sucks the foreign exchange out of scores of developing countries.

Cars spew over a billion tons of CO2 into the air each year. Electric cars can reduce that to a small fraction, or even eliminate it, but ...

Present day cars include a ton of features for safety like airbags, ABS, ESP, to name a few. All these are electronic controlled as they receive their signals from external environment through various sensors placed on the body, for example cameras, lasers, proximity sensors, etc. The idea is to give some degree of autonomy to the automobile to think for its own when put into some situation and act accordingly.

The main intention is to provide means of communication between cars with adequate level of safety equipment so that the intended function is performed effectively during an accident. It is basically a computer that receives data from the surroundings through the sensors and directs the sub systems in the ...

The child grows on a daily basis and it is very difficult to maintain a particular size of restraint system hence I have an Idea of designing New child restraint system which has fallowing feature
1. Can able accommodate different sizes of child.
2. can provide same comfort level to child with respect to change in size
3. it is very easy to manufacture
4. Easily affordable with varying features.

The technology involved is very simple the weight sensors detects the weight of the child and sensor provided in the restraint system detects the body size and shape based on that there will be Pneumatic air actuating system which detect the volume of air required to filled in side ...

Chirohopters are a wing form apparatus designed to enable an individual to fly. The light-weight yet sturdy frame contracts in a similar fashion as a Bat (Chiroptera) by cables and pulleys controlled by the arms and legs. The main source of power is via the legs that control the "tooth flaps". The legs are swiftly extended thus drawing the tooth flaps in towards each other. Due to the air resistance underneath each wing. The pressure increases at the centerpoint, propelling the operator up. The claw flap creates forward momentum as well as maneuverability. Chirohopters are made up of six main components, which are the frame; the hardware installations; the reinforcements; the membrane; the cable installations; and finally, the hot ...

The two cycle internal combustion engines can become widely used in the automotive market, if two main goals were achieved:
- Maintain its original simplicity
- Eliminate the pollution inherent to the concept

Patent filed at the USPTO: 5,403,164 (Sep. 14,1993) and Brasil: PI9203733
This patent is today under public domain, but is still a good alternative for regular two cycle engines. There is a working prototype. There are videos of it and here is one made in Vitoria Science fair (Brasil) in 2009:


Based on the working prototype the proposition is to make a complete finished one..
Computer aided design and modeling software can help to achieve faster and better results. CNC machinery ...

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