We suggest a new design of adaptive suspension systems of vehicles with better technical characteristics in comparison with existing designs. There have been developed the following main suspension components of vehicles: 1) a lockable adaptive shock absorber with a wide range of control performance,

In this new concept CVT transmission of power is not by friction (as in conventional CVTs) in that case slip can occur, to prevent this slip high normal force is applied in existing CVTs; resulting in loss of transmission efficiency.

The use of sensors has proved to be beneficiary in the design of adaptive and safety measures for automobiles. Traffic squares and crossovers are amongst the major accident prone areas;

The clutch is one of the most important components used for gear shift and forward-reverse direction change in a transmission system. Conventional clutches in automatic transmissions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, construction vehicles, etc.

The implementation of visco-elastic material in order to enhance the safety of vehicle occupants against T-knock road accidents.Unlike the frontal collision, Side impact collisions are particularly dangerous as there is limited space between the occupants and the point of contact.

Biometrics can be used at many places like Industries, Offices, and Colleges or even at our home. This project is a fine combination of “Biometrics technology” and “Embedded system technology." Fingerprint sensor is the main part of this system. It makes use of Biometric sensor to detect a fingerprint.

In this modern world the use of cars are increased due to its luxurious and comfort ride. For that a proper safety system is to be used. Currently air bags are used as a safety system in all cars.

Current Traction Control Systems or Electronic Stability Program systems have very much improved a car’s safety over the years, but can still not help if the car is entering a corner way too fast. This is even more of an issue where poor weather conditions are also present.

Conventional air conditioning system using mechanical compressor consumes more power. Alternative for this is use of vapor absorption refrigeration system which uses the chemical compression instead of mechanical compression which requires less power .As generator and pump are the only components consuming power in such system,

The objective of this idea is to provide an alternative mechanism of transportation , instead of an internal combustion engine, which is pollution free, a fluid which is renewable, efficient and at the same time not sacrificing the practicality of an I.C engine.

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