Dual Fuel Engine as the name suggests runs on two fuels i.e. diesel and CNG. The air and CNG is mixed in a pre-mixer and injected into the inlet manifold during the suction stroke. Before the piston reaches from BDC to TDC,

The Reciprocating type Internal Combustion engines have been serving the world and boosting the automobiles since last 150 years. A lot of advancements in this field have occurred till now to increase and optimize its performance.

For decades windshields have played an important role in vehicles. With the bunch of usefulness windshield also bring some annoyance to the driver. The hot sunlight refracting from the windshield may blind the driver in certain circumstances.

Millions of people and tons of cargo are daily transported by the air daily all over the world. Still, the safety of air transport is questionable due to the number and the frequency of accidents reported worldwide.

This report describes the process of planning, designing, fabricating and testing an electric bike. It provides the detail of the challenges of modifying an existing mechanical system to one that is based on a set of electro-mechanical interfaces that provide assists. Through designing an electro-mechanical system,

We can easily forecast that Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles are fill full on the road in the near future. I think you had been experience that gasoline was exhausted during drive on the road. How did you do at that case?

The adoption of EV (electric vehicle) to replace ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle is being discouraged by range anxiety because its battery power takes very longer to recharge compare to 5 minute in filling up the gas tank of an ICE vehicle or worst,

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine will replace the Combustion Engine in electricity production and transportation.

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine (United States Patent 7,557,473) will reduce the effects of Climate Change. The engine will end over 60% of greenhouse gases which will affect the climate of the World.

Sky Train Corporation (STC) has modeled, evaluated, calculated, and patented a Rail Transit and Alternative Energy System that improves security and increases capacity over rail on the ground. It allows freight to be the revenue source and adds passengers and stations for added profit or convenience,

In the Automotive world nowadays fire accidents are more prevalent all over; hundreds of people are losing their lives and others have serious injuries. Modern technology is making the automotive field run faster, but speed and accidents are competing each other,

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