Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles with internal combustion engines all have in common one dirty little secret. After the engine is started, and until the catalytic converter is up to operating temperature,

The featured design is a new engine kinematics. The mechanism that transforms the reciprocal movement of the pistons into rotation of the output shaft is a cam one.

A computational analysis is conducted to evaluate the effect of geometric features on crush behaviour. The objective of this project to modify existing frame for sports unity vehicle based on safety aspects. Reducing vehicle weight is critical to improving fuel economy, performance, size,

This continuous combustion 6-cycle engine is a modification of an existing 4-cycle air cooled diesel engine. It operates on the Brayton/Joul (turbine) cycle.

FTI has developed a Hybrid Regenerative Energy Recovery System (HERS) that allows motor vehicles to perform their every day tasks much more efficiently than any other vehicle without the technology.

My idea concentrates of how to take advantage of the front area of the car already exposed to the air resistance to convert from the negative energy into positive energy.

We are very happy to present our project named “CONVERTI-GO,” because it comes with a very noble thought and future view for India.
The main objective of this project is providing an easy, compact and affordable flying car especially for citizens of India and the world.

DASY X-ENGINE - the best engine configuration for 4-stroke diesel.

Double-Acting Scotch Yoke X-Engine (“DASY X-Engine”) - a new engine configuration for practical applications including stationary power, marine, locomotives, aircraft (planes and helicopters) and automotive (sports cars, luxury cars, trucks).

In this railway system we will have a magnetic track which consists of NdFeB block magnets. They are permanent magnets and will create a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to the track and NdFeB magnets have a property to exhibit the unidirectional magnetic field.

To fabricate a four wheel vehicle having steering system with four modes being operated mechanically. The four modes facilitate the following capabilities: 1) To ensure tight turns in heavy traffic and tight spaces.

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