The Project "Design of 4 wheel steering system" aims to reduce human effort to a greater extent which one applies while driving a car. The concept came into mind when i saw one of my friend struggling to park his car. The amount of steering effort is just tremendous.

A cooling system in automobiles is used to remove excess heat produced in the internal combustion engines. In most automobiles the cooling system consists of the following components: radiator, water pump, cooling fan, pressure cap and thermostat. Of these components,

The Idea we intervened from the need of Farmers and Agricultural Growth of our country. The idea is to provide small scale farmers a modern age cost-effective, better & safer "QUAD BIKE" (Mini Tractor) which will fulfill their daily agricultural & transportation requirements.

This project is mainly focused to detect the human stress and to reduce the amount of road accidents, if a person in up normal condition. when a person get tensed or cardiac problem that person will go in up normal condition. Here,

While we drive the vehicle in hilly areas and during driving due to any reason we are forced to stop the car and then we apply the hand brakes to hold the vehicle. But the problem is that it locks the vehicle in both directions,

Contemporary conception of “ecologically clean” vehicle (ECV) is based on minimization of harmful substances (HS) emission to the atmosphere. However, at present, the improving of the air quality inside a car compartment (CC) is a more priority task. Modern cabin filters do not clean air from nitrogen oxides,

Diesel Powered Hammer - Slammer

This describes a hammer with two weighted portions (hammer head and reaction weight) that are separated by a diesel combustion chamber.

One of every six commercial vehicles (CV) on the road today has brakes out of adjustment. This fact is provided by “Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance “.

Every year CVSA sponsors a 72 hour roadcheck.In 2014 73,475 CVs were inspected,

One of the most distraction of a driver during night driving in main roads are the heavy intensity of the head lamp of the opposite vehicle.

It may cause heavy casuality if the get distracted with the lamp of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

It is time to innovate and literally bridge the gap between drought zones and flood zones. The technology and necessary resources exist to create a future where droughts and floods do not make the nightly news, but instead remain only as stories in the Bible.

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