My plan is to make a future train that is self powered and safe for people to travel. I have come up with a plan that can be implemented in near future. This can be installed in any running trains in date like diesel, electric,

The revolutionary and yet simple design of the Gemini Electric Motor promises to become the worlds most energy efficient electric motor and generator.

The Gemini produces optimum rotational power and torque by using Both sides of the energised coils, and it does so without consuming any additional energy.

The GlidewayPRT envisions a national public automated electric guideway system designed to offer a different form of personal rapid transportation (PRT) to urban and suburban populations requiring local transit. This PRT public concept is a safer, faster, cheaper,

GoSmart is a system for traffic control in rush hour. By combining todays GPS-equipped smartphones with deduction of car tolls, it’s possible to change the traffic flow for the benefit of all drivers, for the over all traffic flow - and to keep emissions down.

Executive summary:

1. Low Consumption cooling and Energy Regeneration from AutoLPG; CNG and LNG respectively.
2. Priority area: "Healthy individual". Negligible Emissions Green Cooling and Energy Regeneration
3. Names of Indian partner institutions: A) Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. (·

Concept: -
A retractable key holder with spring action, the key can only be used if the user is wearing the helmet. The helmet has a pressure switch which activates the key holder.

US Patent # 8,881,326, granted 3/31/2015

Hull speed is a fundamental limitation of conventional displacement mode hull forms which occurs due to the coupling of the bow wave with the vessel's waterline length. With the exception of long, narrow and light hull forms, which are commercially impractical,

The present invention is a hill holder device for a vehicle manual transmission. This includes a selectable bidirectional clutch which is coupled to the output shaft of the transmission box. The selectable bidirectional clutch has an inner race secured to the output shaft of the transmission,

HitchonPost is an accessory that attaches to a standard Class II, III and IV hitch receiver on any vehicle. It provides a more secure and convenient means of carrying a personal transportation device (PTD) such as an electric wheel chair, scooter,

My idea is to design an aircraft in such a way that it can reduce passenger’s life risk. Let me explain. HUMAN LIFE DEFENDABLE AIRCRAFT would have two major sections. One is section with machinery including engines and another is section with living body (i.e.

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