"Internal Combustion Engine With Direct Air Injection"

1. Changing the design of the head unit existing engine.
Result - 2x magnification power without increasing fuel consumption.
Reducing the number of parts, weight and size of the head and the engine block.
2. Production of the new engine.

The Critical Problem:
According to 97% of scientists worldwide, being in complete consensus that mankind MUST make some quick changes to how we live, operate and reduce the harmful emissions and byproducts we generate. This includes air & water pollution, CO2 gas and excessive amounts of trash.

Concept of a motorcycles for everyone, to go everywhere!
Is based on simply ideas, the ergonomic triangle lets everybody take good feeling whit the bike, ensuring whit a low and confortable sitting that even women will love the ride position.

There is a lot of concern that is being expressed throughout the world with regards to the vehicular emissions, Especially the Heavy Commercial Vehicles. There of course have been lot of actions for the containment of the same.

There are so many different kinds of vehicular accidents, and they can broadly be classified single vehicle accidents, or multiple vehicle accidents. Some can cause the chassis and/or the roll cage to deform and make it extremely difficult to open the doors to escape,

Freedom Motors NL has designed an extremely efficient 1,2 and 3-rotor industrial multifuel rotary engine concept. Displacement is 533 cc per rotor, the working rpm range is between 3000 and 4500 rpm, dependable of type and application. The engine/rpm is electronically controlled without throttle,

NASA’s Langley Research Center developed a new technique that enables the preparation of metal/composite hybrid laminates, also known as fiber-metal laminates (FML), through a one-step processing method.

Finger Print Starting (FPS) system is a revolutionary innovative starting system in two wheeler where the usage of keys can be avoided. Since the invention of the two wheeler there are lots of advancements in bikes (example: fuel injection, tubeless tyre etc,) except the keys.

Online shopping require fast delivery. From hub to receiver, it still takes a long time for a package to travel, especially in a big city. This trip in town consumes a lot of time, labor, energy and traffic space. We call this the "last-mile" dilemma.

The following work is an attempt to overcome the problems associated with an electric two wheeler. The setup consists of a 4 stroke gasoline powered 35cc single cylinder engine mechanically coupled with a brush less PMDC generator capable of producing 1KW at 3000 RPM,

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