Automotive Manufacturers are missing an opportunity to mass produce a small, simple, affordable Electric Vehicle (EV) following the examples of the 'Model-T' or 'Volkswagen.' This type of vehicle could be designed around the simple, "Plug-in, Series-Hybrid EV" which, like the RR locomotive,

By the time you finish reading this sentence, a man has died even before reaching the hospital. Trivialities such as traffic, unfavorable road conditions, irresponsible driving should not be allowed to decide the fate of a man. Can life be left to chance? When a hiker,

Theoretical analysis

In this work, an endeavor has been presented to modify the conventional rear disc braking system in a motorcycle. In two wheeler, when a pillion load is added, the normal static reaction increases on the rear wheel and during braking operation,

We see a lot of accidents which occur due to irregular steering motion. Once a driver tries to enter a main highway from a by lane his vehicle would be in a angular motion and he will not be able to the see the vehicles behind him.

In today's fast moving world, Everybody loves to speed up.

Improving automotive safety is one of the major aspects in today’s automotive industry. “Anti-Sinking Airbag System” deals with the automotive safety in passenger vehicles i.e.
a)Avoids the vehicle sinking in a body of water.

This system is designed to protect and ensure the survival of the driver and the passengers in any car that has an accident either with for without fire.

How it Works?

Let's say that there is a car which have this system had an accident but without fire.

As the title itself conveys, the product is a type of kit which resists the puncture state of a vehicle tyre. Normally we see solution currently available in market, which works only in state of resting condition of vehicle.

In India alone number of accidents takes place due to small negligence in driving. Among the careless driving comes the unretracted stand.The unretract stand causes major accidents in roads for the rider and fellow road users. There are many mechanical system’s such as pneumatics,

The automotive navigation system is gaining momentum. Collision avoidance systems have been used at 70 GHz to detect objects in front of vehicles. The proposed concept is to use a similar principle for tracking and following moving vehicles.

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