What if solar electricity was cheaper than fossil fuel power? How would that drive our economy and stabilize geo-political tensions? How would the climate change for the better? How would access to basic lighting help to reduce poverty on a global scale?

At present the joints that help to convert motion up to or more than 3DOF are universal joint, ball and socket joint, Hooke’s joint etc. But these joints are not rigid to convert the motion and the tilted angle is also too low.

A new revolutionary patent pending solar technology that increases the power of a solar panel by as much as 200 times, while simultaneously storing the energy in the form of hydrogen for later use, has been invented and developed.

An electron has both wavelike and particle properties.

What if ...

You could learn how all of the electronic stuff we use everyday really works?
You could learn how to fix broken electronic devices?
You could learn how build your own electronic devices?
You didn't have to worry about soldering or confusing breadboards to get started?

The current, existing Internet is fundamentally unsecure, what is result of design of this Internet.
Only way to create a secure Internet is to develop a new, secure Internet - it is Internet-like, but with a design different from the current Internet, telecommunication systems.

In recent years there has been a shortage in energy supply like fossil fuel and concerns about environmental issues. Considering only 10-16% of fuel energy burned by the engines is used to drive the vehicles,


The conventional coil winding machine winds copper wire onto a former (winding fixture). The number of slots in the former depends upon the design class of the motor.

Due to the “Utilization Wall,” future CMOS technology calls for a radically new microprocessor architecture with less transistor switching, to take full advantage of both density and speed.

Electricity-operated durable medical equipment (DME), such as ventilators and dialysis machines, are life-supporting medical devices used at home by patients. The use of DME is not only convenient and economical, but also leads to a better quality of life for the patient. In a 2013 survey,

Cyanobacteria have the ability to convert CO2 into bio-products, and also have a high photosynthetic efficiency (3 to 9%) compared to that of higher plants (?0.25 to 3%), and because they're amenable to genetic engineering,

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