The idea is basically to get some energy from passing autos as an indemnification for to increase inner city's air quality and also produce electricity to use for inner city's benefit.

Most consumed places in electrical energy consumption, is the most necessary system regarding social and individual safety, so smart application and management can highly save energy consumption.

In order to produce gas light bulbs, which are mostly assembled,

Theoretical analysis

In this work, an endeavor has been presented to modify the conventional rear disc braking system in a motorcycle. In two wheeler, when a pillion load is added, the normal static reaction increases on the rear wheel and during braking operation,

V-10 is a peptide-based material that has been developed through10+ years of research. It consists of a novel sequence of 31 amino acids with several domains serving unique purposes and is known as a multi-domain peptide. This peptide is easily produced by solid phase synthesis,

We see a lot of accidents which occur due to irregular steering motion. Once a driver tries to enter a main highway from a by lane his vehicle would be in a angular motion and he will not be able to the see the vehicles behind him.

This project concerns spacehack. We plan to build a cubesat cluster.

Cubesats can successfully be used to generate information relevant to both science, and policy making, a prime example thereof is Quakesat : http://en.wikipedia.

We want to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) with our novel product. Our device is a pulse-oximetry based rescue garment worn by an infant on the hand. The device monitors heart rate and blood oxygenation.

In today's fast moving world, Everybody loves to speed up.

Improving automotive safety is one of the major aspects in today’s automotive industry. “Anti-Sinking Airbag System” deals with the automotive safety in passenger vehicles i.e.
a)Avoids the vehicle sinking in a body of water.

Two sterile medical devices keep organs warm, moist, protected and bands (not straps, bands prevent cutting into organs) cover and surround large open wound cavities, including evisceration's (EV), by pulling quick release self adhering wound dressing tabs with adjustable locking plates to assure proper fit.

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