The idea is basically to get some energy from passing autos as an indemnification for to increase inner city's air quality and also produce electricity to use for inner city's benefit. This is an example of the process of an energy recycling system designed for Blaubach and Tel-Aviv street's junction in Cologne.

This system is based on the gain of energy which is retrieved from the weight of passing objects. While the objects pass, there is a system which will transform the weight energy of the object into pneumatic energy through the use of designed pumps. by stocking the air in air tanks up to a particular high pressure by transforming the pneumatic energy into electricity. Direct that energy ...

Most consumed places in electrical energy consumption, is the most necessary system regarding social and individual safety, so smart application and management can highly save energy consumption.

In order to produce gas light bulbs, which are mostly assembled, first the light bulb is produced at light bulb production factory in different types (sodium-vapor lamp, mercury vapor lamp, metal halide lamp, …) in different powers including one arc tube or two parallel arc tubes and then the producers of street lamps purchase their intended lamp and use the reflector made for it before in order to use them in different places. This has some disadvantages as described below.

This is the plan, for the production of different types ...

Theoretical analysis

In this work, an endeavor has been presented to modify the conventional rear disc braking system in a motorcycle. In two wheeler, when a pillion load is added, the normal static reaction increases on the rear wheel and during braking operation, the normal dynamic reaction starts decreasing on rear wheel. Furthermore, the normal dynamic reaction on rear wheel is more for laden condition than unladen condition during braking operation that leads to more braking force required between the tire and road surface for laden condition when the magnitude of required braking force is compared with unladen condition. In order to vary the braking force developed at the tire and the road surface, the mechanical leverage (Fig 1) ...

V-10 is a peptide-based material that has been developed through10+ years of research. It consists of a novel sequence of 31 amino acids with several domains serving unique purposes and is known as a multi-domain peptide. This peptide is easily produced by solid phase synthesis, in the lab. The peptide is designed to self assemble to form a nanofibrous matrix that mimics natural extracellular matrix. Our synthetic matrix can be sheared, only to reform, due to the nature of the hydrophobic interactions and hydrogen bonds between peptides. These matrices form a hydrogel in the body, have been engineered to produce new blood vessels when injected.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) affects 8.3 million Americans. For these patients, obstructed arteries ...

We see a lot of accidents which occur due to irregular steering motion. Once a driver tries to enter a main highway from a by lane his vehicle would be in a angular motion and he will not be able to the see the vehicles behind him. In this project we have introduced a mechanism in which we connect the steering to the side view mirror, so when the steering wheel is moved the side mirror also tilts according to left or right.

There are 3 methods to connect the steering wheel to the side view mirror. They are connecting through rack and pinion mechanism. Other is connecting by belt drive to both the side mirrors, and other one ...

This project concerns spacehack. We plan to build a cubesat cluster.

Cubesats can successfully be used to generate information relevant to both science, and policy making, a prime example thereof is Quakesat : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QuakeSat (This is not to claim that these cubesate *solved* the questions around ELF signals, but to indicate that the generated *relevant data*)

Our satellites will do the following things :

1. Establish a swarm in orbit, and manifest swarm intelligence
2. Monitor Atmospheric Aerosols, in differnet bands (BAnd filter selected by swarm intelligence)
3. Orbit informations will provide geodetic information, e.g. dedicated study of Earth's rotation (possible application of swarm intelligence)
4. Parallel to these, intensive atmospheric sounding flights will ...

We want to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) with our novel product. Our device is a pulse-oximetry based rescue garment worn by an infant on the hand. The device monitors heart rate and blood oxygenation. Detecting and interrupting dangerous sleep episodes is theoretically the best mechanism of rescue for infants at risk due to SIDS. If the wearer experiences a dangerously low heart rate and/or blood oxygen saturation episode, he/she will experience a safe electrical stimulation that will effectively rouse them. The rescue stimulus is minimal so as not to cause undue distress.

It is important to note, however, that the Anti-SIDS device provides a live saving intervention. It communicates wirelessly with the caregiver's tablet ...

In today's fast moving world, Everybody loves to speed up.
A number of automobile manufacturing companies around the globe are launching high speed cars keeping in concern the efficiency of cars regarding fuel consumption and Engine's life but on the other hand we know very well that 'speed thrills but it kills'.
These fast moving machines are safe on testing tracks but when it comes to Highways and Freeways full of traffic; These angels becomes demons due to unconscious love of speed which results in disastrous accidents.
Keeping in mind that 'science is a good servant but a bad master'; I would like to introduce "THE ANTI-COLLISION TECHNOLOGY" ; 'AN ATTEMPT TO REDUCE ACCIDENTS IN ROADS'.
This can ...

Improving automotive safety is one of the major aspects in today’s automotive industry. “Anti-Sinking Airbag System” deals with the automotive safety in passenger vehicles i.e.
a)Avoids the vehicle sinking in a body of water.
b)Protection during the fall of the vehicle from higher altitudes
c)Reduces damage from a High Impact Collision

The inflation of an airbag is a chemical reaction i.e. igniting sodium azide powder.When the vehicle experiences an impact the sensor gets actuated and an electric current is passed to the canister (metal container with sodium azide + igniter compound). The current heats the igniter compound and starts the decomposition of the sodium azide and the generation of nitrogen gas to fill the air bag. The air ...

Two sterile medical devices keep organs warm, moist, protected and bands (not straps, bands prevent cutting into organs) cover and surround large open wound cavities, including evisceration's (EV), by pulling quick release self adhering wound dressing tabs with adjustable locking plates to assure proper fit.

Point of injury patients often bleed out/die within "golden" hour; survivors may suffer permanent damage to vital organs if not kept warm, moist, protected between injury, transport & care at medical facility. Battlefield extraction, Special Operations, averages 4 to 5 hours, up to 72 hours. EV-SkinProTX(TM) the only non-invasive device, keeps organs warm, moist, protected. Utilizes saline bags all medics, ambulances, & medical facilities use. EV-SkinProTX, lightweight ions, podiatric surgery, OBGYN cesarean, abdominal, ...

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