NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has developed an imaging device called an active pixel sensor that is inexpensive and easy to fabricate. The active pixel sensor is designed to perform at least as well as conventional charge coupled device (CCD) imagers without all the drawbacks. CCD imagers are susceptible to radiation damage, require good light shielding to avoid smear, and have high power dissipation for large arrays. In addition, the CCD fabrication process is incompatible with complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) processing, which makes it difficult to integrate on-chip signal processing electronics. JPL’s active pixel sensor, which can be fabricated using an industry-standard CMOS-compatible process and smaller-sized pixels, is an integrated imaging device that is well-suited for a variety of ...

Noise is not just a matter of comfort, but also a matter of health! Especially in industrialized regions, noise pollution was often an underestimated factor regarding its physical effects on human beings.

We developed the prototype of a sound insulation window with fully integrated innovative lowcost loudspeakers that solve the remaining problems of state-of-the-art windows. The prototype window has a better sound insulation than conventional double- and triple-glazed windows.

Traditional double- and triple-glazed windows have a lack of performance in sound insulation, especially in the frequency range below 200 Hz. Near airports or busy streets especially these frequencies have to be considered. Using laminated glass improves only slightly the low frequency behavior. Real improvements typically with an increased ...

Podcars or PRT has been proposed as a very convenient and fast transit system. With its small vehicles that go point to point on demand it has great merit. The small vehicles place less weight on the guideway system which reduces the installation cost. Current computer and data communication technologies enable the advanced control required to make a podcar system work on a larger scale.

Unfortunately, the benefits of podcars for passengers don't fully align with the requirements of transit planners who are the prospective buyers of these systems. Transit planners focus their attention on corridors with large capacity requirements as they expect these to be the only places where it is possible to afford a better transit system ...

The project deals with the development of a home automation system.

Watching the market I recognized that the common so called smart home seems to be nothing more than a collection of devices which are remotely controlled by your smartphone.

In times when local authorities have more control over your smartphone than you, in times when hacking your smartphone is much easier than lock-picking the whole idea doesn't sound that smart.
It seems there is a market gap so big that the whole world fits in.

I think what is needed here is something like that:
• a home automation system which recognizes its users contactless
• real automation instead of remote controlling
• no wearables (smartphone, Smartwatch, RFID-chip) ...

We suggest a new design of adaptive suspension systems of vehicles with better technical characteristics in comparison with existing designs. There have been developed the following main suspension components of vehicles: 1) a lockable adaptive shock absorber with a wide range of control performance, implementing "lockout" mode by means of blocking adaptive shock absorber, and 2) an elastic element with progressive non-linear characteristic and automatic optimization of localization of work areas. Advantages of our developments are: 1) when the vehicle is in a wide range of speeds in a so-called "comfort zone", we have managed to reduce significantly the stiffness of the elastic suspension elements in compare with the regular structures - at least in two times. This means ...

Addressable light fixture controller is a simple and small electronic device designed to be used in a single switch with multiple light fixtures configuration in a room. This configuration is often found in large kitchen, living room, family room, and master bed room in an average house. This configuration is also found in office, conference room, class room, etc.

This addressable light fixture conroller can be installed to each light fixture to be address controlled by the single switch. Each light fixture can be turned on according to it's address by quickly toggling the switch.

Refer to Figure 1, a room with such single switch multiple light fixtures configuration can be instantly reconfigured with this device without rerunning the ...

As those who have had the opportunity to carry a hammer in a tool belt can relate, one of the more striking (no pun intended, well yes) issues that happens is the bashing of the hammer handle into the back of the thigh, knee or shin (depending on height) when the tool is placed into the hammer holder on the tool belt. While there are solutions such as placing in a side mounted holder, these all come with drawbacks.

The solution that rises to the top is that of a hammer that has a quickly adjustable handle that can go from a compact non-beating-you-in-the-back-of-the-leg variety to one of not just setting a nail in one single blow but sending ...

Egypt is experiencing one of its most serious energy crises for decades, with parts of the country facing around six power cuts a day for up to two hours at a time. The blackouts have created widespread frustration, with businesses reporting a downturn in production and citizens complaining about the disruption to everyday life. Egypt experiences frequent electricity blackouts because of rising demand, natural gas supply shortages, aging infrastructure, and inadequate generation and transmission capacity.

From this view we started to think in our project idea of using the solar energy instead of electrical energy and depends mainly in Air Conditioners and refrigerators and this will has two benefits:

1. Reduce the gap in electrical power stations in Egypt

Creating lifelike 3D volumetric images is of paramount importance to maximize realism for displays. In order to create a lifelike 3D volumetric image I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research. The concept is described below. The development of my 3D Display refers to the well-known swept-volume technique, which is characterized by its comparatively simple system configuration. Compared to other approaches the new 3d display is a compact, light, and easy to transport system of modular design. As it consists of standard components, the display is also inexpensive and easy to maintain.

This is a new 3D volumetric display with clear picture and super clear depth; it has a 360 degree horizontal and 270 ...

This system is designed to solve the very problem of the still missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH-370, and few more recent incidents such as Air Asia lost its contacts a few days ago but fortunately its traces were found.

This system has a built-in satellite telephone system, from very reliable satellite system provider, Inmarsat, and this provider has global coverage. And their existing satellite phones are commercially available to the general public and these phones have SMS texting capabilities.

This system transmits aircraft flight data including aircraft GPS location as SMS text messages every ten seconds during normal flight, and every 3 second during an emergency, which ensures that up to the last ten seconds aircraft GPS ...

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