Early prototype model of 3D Tire Printing and Mounting Unit. With the ability of complicated 3-D Printed structures and light weight design, automotive tires will now be 3-D printed with specialized rubber compounds of carbon additives and mesh like forms.

In this world where traffic can get into your nerves and stress your life out from work to home,

My suggestion is based on my universal AC-DC electric motor. Using this engine on the electric vehicles, we can reduce weight and improve car aerodynamics. Connecting the engine to the wheels-you can get two traction (wheel and aero).

Of the trillion dollars that we lose each year in wasted energy, as an architect I miss the following product as roofs are primary heat and cooling loss in our country:

Sandwich panel of R=80 with solar PV as integral part of surface.

The major challenge in integrating wind energy into the electrical grid is that the resource is intermittent and unpredictable so that energy is always available. With an energy storage system integrated with a wind turbine, surplus energy can be stored and then regenerated when demand is higher.

Software development is an important aspect of Computer Science, and as such there are many strategies, techniques and programs which aim to formalise and structure this process.

The success of an Oscillating Water Column (OWC) installation off the west coast of Scotland suggested a compounded system as in the following outline.

In last few decades, many attempts have been made on person identification using biometric and non-biometric features. The main objective of person identification is to ensure that the services are accessed only by a legitimate user.

Problem area

During imprinting of patterns from a stamp onto a substrate surface, conformal contact is necessary to ensure that pattern transfer is successful over the entire stamp. However, such contact is hindered by the initial angular misalignment between the surfaces. In real systems,

We have designed an antenna-mounting platform capable of aiming four or more antennas of any type, effectively tracking an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or other moving object carrying multiple radios operating at different frequencies.

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