A simple, flexible, innovative design to capture wind energy at a fraction of the price, the AirLoom has the potential to disrupt the entire (not just renewable) electricity generation market.

The AirLoom dramatically reduces the capital cost of wind turbines by an astounding 15X over the dominant wind technology,

Air conditioning is one of the energy hogs around. If you live in Texas, you spend an extra 150$ a month in the summer months, for a 2500. sq ft. home, on cooling.

This project is a way to reduce or eliminate that bill.

The proposed design is intended to improve the health of the user, in particular their spine alignment during daily activities. Sizable amounts of resources are used to avoid ergonomically induced injuries and this device will help track the user’s spine alignment and give real-time feedback,

This is a concept for a VR headset controlled drone.

The drone is spherical and has 6 opposed cameras( 2 along each x,y,z axes). These are all wide angle cameras each capable of recording video.

Automotive Manufacturers are missing an opportunity to mass produce a small, simple, affordable Electric Vehicle (EV) following the examples of the 'Model-T' or 'Volkswagen.' This type of vehicle could be designed around the simple, "Plug-in, Series-Hybrid EV" which, like the RR locomotive,

AMAZON is an artwork inspired by the goddess of the moon. The speakers are protected by a moulded mask permeable to the sound. Its canonical face is universal in all civilizations around the world while its silkscreen printing can adapt that mask to different countries and cultures.

By the time you finish reading this sentence, a man has died even before reaching the hospital. Trivialities such as traffic, unfavorable road conditions, irresponsible driving should not be allowed to decide the fate of a man. Can life be left to chance? When a hiker,

Presents an Artificial Intelligence auto learning, early auto diagnostic, auto alert vital signs wireless Plaster. It can be used for real-time monitoring of ECG, respiratory rate, falling and patients temperatures. The proposed device is a lightweight plaster, attached to the chest. It has several sensors, ECG,

Ischemia, a local blood supply disorder resulting from reduction or complete deficiency of blood supply in an organ or in a tissue caused by constriction or obstruction of its blood vessels, resulting in hypoxia, malnutrition and finally necrosis of the part of an organ suffering from ischemic process,

The technology developed is a piezoelectric stimulus-response quantification based gravimeter (PEG). This innovation takes a completely novel approach towards utilization of the piezoelectric element by quantifying the gravitational effects on them--they can not only generate an electric charge in response to mechanical deformation,

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