Usually aircraft are designed and undergo different levels of stress analysis starting from conceptual design review, preliminary deign review, detail design review, validation loads, Ground test, flight test and entering into service.

This is a proven, flight tested aircraft design but it has not reached the production and manufacture phase yet. The Aerocat is a 4 person aircraft with turbine powerplant. It is all composite cabon-fiber construction.

Current Traction Control Systems or Electronic Stability Program systems have very much improved a car’s safety over the years, but can still not help if the car is entering a corner way too fast. This is even more of an issue where poor weather conditions are also present.

BEELIEV is an impact driven technology company on a mission to promote, develop, and implement a practical solution to one of the world's most challenging economic and humanitarian problems; the price of pavement. With the ability to efficiently deliver cargo without reliance on roads,

In an attempt to understand the cause, and find a solution for Parkinson disease, I thought about some similarities on a problem that I was having with an old computer. I had upgraded some programs, but had not renewed the hardware,

Conventional air conditioning system using mechanical compressor consumes more power. Alternative for this is use of vapor absorption refrigeration system which uses the chemical compression instead of mechanical compression which requires less power .As generator and pump are the only components consuming power in such system,

This is an Air Cooler device that can use instead of air conditioner in cars, transportation bus and house.

The car has been one of the most important parts of the human life. We have multiple uses for it. We go for drives we required speed; we go for trip with family we require a lot space; we go shopping we require space to put in all things;

The objective of this idea is to provide an alternative mechanism of transportation , instead of an internal combustion engine, which is pollution free, a fluid which is renewable, efficient and at the same time not sacrificing the practicality of an I.C engine.

The concept of new aircraft carrier presented here is highly efficient and much reliable in comparison to currently used technology. It includes-
This system does not use any arrest cable mechanism,

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