My idea is to use hydrogen as fuel in cars. The idea is really very simple. We will use the chloralkali process to extract hydrogen from brine that is sodium chloride solution also known as solution of common salt and water. Once this idea is installed in the car, the car will run few meters with the power of the battery and later on a dynamo will provide the energy for the chloralkali process.

The basic idea is not to make a car run on a battery but run on hydrogen instead of any other feul. This can be done by electrolysis of brine and passing the hydrogen in an internal cobustion engine. The tyres of the car would ...

(1) Consider: Waterjet component
I.D. = 7.51'
O.D. = 7.85'
Area, Annular Nozzle = 4.12ft2.

From initial velocity, 41 knots at inlet, pump accelerates flow to exit nozzle at 133.62fps – causing static pressure therein to be 1psia (which is almost water's vapor pressure), and since this annular waterjet envelops a cavity, therefore will it vacate that enclosed space to high vacuum.

With Volume Flow Rate 550.23cfs, waterjet gross thrust will be 142632.80lbf.

(2) Consider: Airjet component
Throat Diameter 1.46m for Area of 1.67sq.m.

At Laval (converging-diverging section) outlet, which is in the high vacuum region constantly vacated by the surrounding annular waterjet, static pressure will be 6.89kPa.

At Laval inlet, which is ...

Modular Area View Kit allows OEMs fast setup of test systems

First Sensor presents a modular Area View Kit (AVK) for the setup of 360 ° all-round view systems for applications in special vehicles and machines. The Area View Kit allows solution providers, integrators and OEMs to quickly and easily build up, develop, and test a demo system. Therefore, it accelerates the development process and minimizes technology risks. The kit consists of four digital HDR-CMOS cameras with a range of accessories for mounting on the vehicle or on a metal plate for desktop applications. The AVK software stitches the images of the individual cameras together to form a virtual overall picture and allows the programming of arbitrary viewing angles and ...

Purpose: to show the driver the invisible region, increase the safety of the commission of overtaking, reduce the likelihood of an accident.

A task.
To provide maximum control over the oncoming traffic. Make overtaking as secure as possible.

Going by car behind the truck we do not see what lies ahead. When making overtaking very limited overview of the motorway. In addition, obscuring the left side stand car. The driver has to shift the car dangerously left to look forward to the road.

Assistant when overtaking. Driving his work is as follows. The camera is mounted on the left side mirror. It sends the video on a small screen mounted at the left side of the rack. ...

Introduction :

We can use the ‘automatic acceleration’ instead of manual acceleration in cars. The same way we use the automatic gear system in cars, this way we can use auto acceleration. Due to this we can make driving more comfortable and easy.

In racing, this concept may be very useful because in racing cars many manual controls are to be controlled by the racer at a moment. If we use auto acceleration in the racing cars then the racer does not need to control acceleration while racing.

The concept of the auto acceleration is very difficult to produce and implant in vehicles, but if we try for this concept we can make easy driving for not only racing, ...

In every automobile, the function of the headlight is to illuminate the road ahead from a safe distance. At the same time, it should cause minimum discomfort for drivers coming from the opposite side. In order to achieve this, in every automobile a dip beam is provided in addition to high beam. But as the eyesight varies from driver to driver, many drivers go for more powerful headlamps instead of company fitted headlamps. Manual beam shifting is not being done satisfactorily due to variety of reasons, which includes sheer physical strain involved in operation of the dipper switch hundreds of times every night. Manual beam shifting also requires cooperation of vehicles coming from the opposite direction. The situation gets ...

Over the past ten years there has been an enormous increase in road accidents, where millions of people left their souls on the roads and it’s due to speeding and avoiding safety gear like seat belts.

So to avoid this we designed smarter and intuitive technology. Our aim is to save the driver using the smart technology. In most of the cases drivers ignore putting on the seat belt which leads to major injuries and even death in accidents. But to avoid such problem we are implementing a car seat belt locking ignition system which acts as a main key to start the car.

Another major cause of accidents is speeding, due to not considering the speed limit ...

Automotive Brake Vibration and Squealing Suppression Analysis

Methods in Simulation Design Stage

The brake vibration and squealing problem has been investigated from its occurrence mechanism to systematical analysis method by my group since 1984. The brake system eigenvalue matrix is a non symmetric one due to its frictional coupling parts. So the mismatched system structural design parameters lead to double conjugate complex eigenvalues. The positive real part of complex eigenvalue means that brake system is unstable with the negative damping and self-excited vibration can be occurred, that is the brake vibration and squealing phenomenon.

Our study established a systematical analysis method to identify the most important substructures and their design parameters that should be modified to suppress ...


The ideal Automotive Waste Heat Recovery (AWHR) system needs to be compact, cheap to mass produce and ultimately provide an efficiency improvement that significantly outweighs its cost.The proposed AWHR system operates on a novel heat cycle termed the SLFB cycle and is capable of being produced cheaply with currently available mass produced components.

The SLFB Cycle

The SLFB Cycle is an augmented version of Power Flash Cycles such as the Trilateral Cycle (TLC). In a conventional power flash cycle, an expandable vapour is generated through "Flashing." However, the liquid or unflashed portion which possesses a significant amount of heat energy is discarded as it cannot contribute to expansion work. The SLFB Cycle harnesses this energy by inducing multiphase ...

Problem Statement:
Singapore continues to see a rise in the number of elderly people with the anticipated "silver tsunami" by year 2030, when one in five people here will be aged 65 years and above. As these people age, unfortunately they will be more likely to suffer from chronic diseases and require continuous treatment. This will create a greater demand for infrastructure capacity to provide healthcare support.----> Bed Crunch

Providing "remote care" by bringing healthcare support to homes so that patients can be treated remotely by doctors in the comfort of their homes.

An Autonomous Health Care Robot that helps carry medical equipment, diagnostic devices and first aid kits to assist and help people in times of ...

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