Now, I will explain about a wheel using an Inverse Magnetostrictive Effect. The YouTube video will help you to understanding the invention.

This wheel generates torque by using the inverse magnetostrictive effect. First, I will explain about the inverse magnetostrictive effect. As the magnetostrictive material,

We made a device which can be attached to a bike. When the user meets with an accident the device sends a message of the coordinates of the location to the nearest ambulance, police station, and a family member.

If we lose our bike,

ACCORD-Stinger Semi-trailer saving fuel due to “GAP” Reduction @ 422 gals/foot
Projected savings 1688 Gals fuel per unit/year just by reducing tractor/trailer “GAP”
Design adds 20% more cargo space,

The planet is getting warmer day by day. Most climatologists regard the final decade of the twentieth century as the warmest in the past millennium. Even minor alterations in global temperature will trigger a series of weather extremities and alter the climatic patterns of the planet.

Reduction of size and weight and increasing efficiency is of paramount importance to maximize transmission efficiency. In order to make continuous speed ratios and thereby increase efficiency, I have successfully developed a new concept Continuously Variable Transmission after spending several years to research.

Advantages are Compact size,

Device for carrying mobile advertising images in subways

Therefore: it is considered as if it projects a series of images with a bright optical device mounted on a moving body, those images accompany the body to the velocity of same body (vehicle).

My prototype was built to balance and distribute weight of an unbalanced vehicle or towing combination. It uses an axle behind the vehicle supported by an air bag or air spring that's capable of supporting thousands of pounds depending on wheel/tire combo and air bag capacity.

Air-ROPS' goal is to solve rollover fatalities in the agricultural sector. Worldwide, rollover is the principal cause of death in the agricultural sector. This fact demonstrates that existing solutions are not enough and do not fulfill the job

Many of these fatalities are due to foldable ROPS,

It is very difficult to drive on icy roads in the winter season because there is always a risk of skidding of the vehicle and this may lead to chain accidents. Mostly people cannot go outside to do their daily work in the winter season due to icy roads.

Objective: We have to develop such a device that gives an alarm with current location silently to the vehicle owner, when there is any unauthorized access of his/her vehicle.

Introduction: In our country more then 80,000 motor vehicles are stolen per year.

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