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Patent Pending Electric Motors & Generators have fragments of the COST in electric-field materials from portion of CIRCLE ALWAYS providing 360-degree of FORCE from at least ONE rotor pole ALWAYS in the magnetic-field of stator's Circle-Arc, Pictures. Provides 360-degrees of Torque.

1. Prior Art of Electrical Machines with a full 360-degree array of rotating magnetic fields on a rotor electrically interact by rotating within a full 360-degree array of stationary magnetic fields fixed in the full circumference of a closed circle curve stator apparatus, wherein the improvement comprises;
One open circle-arc stator’s arc length is a portion of the circumference of a fully closed circle stator curve defined dimensionally as 360-degrees divided by the number of rotor poles ...

In a move from rural to urban we are posed to be maxed out with our current transportation infrastructure for mass transit. Here is where the extended range and class 3 ebike start to be adapted for mass transit. It is a lattice that is connecting the rural parks to the urban cities. The lattice consists of paved park bike paths that are parallel to mass transit but for bikes , runners, walkers, or hikers. These ebikes blend in between these 2 environments seamlessly.

The extended range model is an ebike that is capable of doing 20-30 miles range at 28mph. This gives the commuter a comfortable range to go to work, then charge at work and commute back. ...

Mercedes Benz CLX - Conscious Luxury Concept

The main idea was to solve the issues that we will face in the future in the mega cities all around the world. We already see many concepts that try to approach some of these problems but design and life its not only to solve these issues, we require products that improve the life of the users and also the comfort and luxury. How i approach it, its not only based on materials or fashion criteria, for me the future of luxury in all products will be extremely related to how the product its done, the interaction with the user, the simplicity and efficiency, the foot print they leave behind, the origin ...

It is common knowledge that a conrod which converts reciprocation of the piston into rotation of the crank is essential for a reciprocation engine. However, a conrod causes side thrust loss and hinders building a fuel-efficient engine. As a solution to this multi-decade problem, we propose our conrodless engine based on our own “Z mechanism” technology.

“Z mechanism” is an alternative mechanism to the piston-crank mechanism. It separates the reciprocation motion of a piston into the horizontal X direction and the vertical Y direction resulting in a rotational motion. We have been applying this proprietary technology towards solving common problems prevalent with the piston-crank mechanism such as energy loss, friction heat, and vibration.

We have developed three engine prototypes ...

Towards a standardized and flexible mix of transportation and pluggable architecture. Use of standard steel cargo container dimensions for the construction of personalized transit rooms. The rooms would be moved using an independent robotic motor unit and elevated to z-heights by architecturally incorporated rack and pinon designed system powered through the motor unit. When not at a remote location it would be integrated into the home unit as an extra room. The user experience would be similar to walking into a room from home and using the room as normal until at arrival at destination walking through the same door would open to the new location. Can be outfitted as a stand alone micro-residence for low income individuals and ...

This project is about building a new mechanism for cooling vehicle batteries when they are being charged. This new mechanism follows the law of Tubular heat exchanger. The heat exchanger encloses the batteries which are sealed to be waterproof. As shown in the figure, the car has three openings. One for charging, the second input opening for the cold fluid or water to cool the batteries and the third opening for a hot fluid or water outlet from cooling the batteries. When the driver is charging his/her car he/she will also attach the two valves for quick cooling the charging car. Assuming the battery has +45°C while being charged, we can manage to bring down the temperature to a ...

The problem of the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is one of the topics discussed almost daily because the effects on the climate are of daily discussion. It is time to move on to remedies. In practice, remedying the problem of excess CO2 with recapture, using devices installed directly in new-generation cars. If my idea comes to practical implementation, hundreds of millions of electric cars will take over CO2 recapture in the near future. The car will turn from pollution to cleanliness of the atmosphere. The direct capture technologies from the atmosphere are almost mature and in my project they must be distributed to the cars to act on a large scale. Once the task of CO2 ...

Title: Electric Roads and Electric Charging Mobile Pods for continuous charging for EV’s

Objective: To help accelerate sustainable transportation by building an infrastructure for continuous on road charging for all EV’s.

The human crave for technological development is a never-ending process and so does the pollution. So, being an intelligent species on the planet we can at least adopt technologies which will help reduce the effect of pollution on the planet to a certain extent.

There is a tremendous amount of efforts being taken for developing Electric Vehicles. However, one of the biggest challenges is to turn people’s mind to buy EV’s, because of limited mile range (250-350) and longer charging time (50-70 min) per one full ...

We bring to your attention the electric drive of the roadtrain semi-trailer axle.

The device is installed on the semi-trailer axle. Instead of standard brake discs, the star gears and 2 asynchronous motors are put, which make the axle rotate (forward or backwards) in case of wheel slip on icy roads, as well as on dirt roads during rains. At the same time, they will be successfully used in mountains during ascents and descents for dense road adherence and other conditions of the roadtrain operation, and also perform the role of a braking device. The system itself and the motors are powered through a converter from batteries, controlled through a controller that synchronizes the rotation of the axle with ...

Design Statement:
Design consists of the following main parts.
1. Electric Bike
2. Road Surface
3. Rail Track
4. Panto-graph
5. Cylindrical / Conical Shaped Rollers
6. Led Displays or Notification Boards
7. Internal threading in Wheel hub to hold and support cylindrical/ conical rollers

Motorbike vehicle runs on the road surface for normal distance. For long trip or journey, motorbike engines/wheels are powered by electrical energy, running on the rail tracks with the help of cylindrical / conical shaped rollers. LED Displays or Notification Boards are placed along the path of track to provide journey-related information to the ...

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