Carbon Fiber Monolith With Carbon Hydrophilic-Nanotubes provide:

Stationary Generator in OPEN air. Wind blowing past monolith increases power.

Water maker in open air, adsorbing water then electric swing desorption.

Closed cylinders with pistons reciprocating can be force away from each other,

Patent Pending https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2019018832A2/ Electric Motors & Generators have fragments of the COST in electric-field materials from portion of CIRCLE ALWAYS providing 360-degree of FORCE from at least ONE rotor pole ALWAYS in the magnetic-field of stator's Circle-Arc, Pictures.

In a move from rural to urban we are posed to be maxed out with our current transportation infrastructure for mass transit. Here is where the extended range and class 3 ebike start to be adapted for mass transit.

Mercedes Benz CLX - Conscious Luxury Concept

The main idea was to solve the issues that we will face in the future in the mega cities all around the world.

It is common knowledge that a conrod which converts reciprocation of the piston into rotation of the crank is essential for a reciprocation engine. However, a conrod causes side thrust loss and hinders building a fuel-efficient engine. As a solution to this multi-decade problem,

Towards a standardized and flexible mix of transportation and pluggable architecture. Use of standard steel cargo container dimensions for the construction of personalized transit rooms.

This project is about building a new mechanism for cooling vehicle batteries when they are being charged. This new mechanism follows the law of Tubular heat exchanger. The heat exchanger encloses the batteries which are sealed to be waterproof. As shown in the figure, the car has three openings.

The problem of the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is one of the topics discussed almost daily because the effects on the climate are of daily discussion. It is time to move on to remedies. In practice, remedying the problem of excess CO2 with recapture,

Title: Electric Roads and Electric Charging Mobile Pods for continuous charging for EV’s

Objective: To help accelerate sustainable transportation by building an infrastructure for continuous on road charging for all EV’s.

The human crave for technological development is a never-ending process and so does the pollution.

We bring to your attention the electric drive of the roadtrain semi-trailer axle.

The device is installed on the semi-trailer axle. Instead of standard brake discs, the star gears and 2 asynchronous motors are put,

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