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Concept by Balint Szent-Miklosy | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Illustrations by Nicholas Fischer | email@nicholasfischer

Concept: Pickup trucks will be more aptly named once they actually pick up their load.

Passenger vehicles are the main energy consumer and major contributor of ever-increasing hazardous emissions. Transportation professionals have raised the idea of applying the green concept in various areas of transportation, including green highways, green vehicles and transit-oriented designs, to tackle the negative impact of road transportation.

Future electric vehicles will be powered either by batteries or fuel cells that convert hydrogen to electricity. Currently, the batteries that power electric vehicles are installed in a flat cuboid space, whereas large cylindrical vessels are used for conventional high-pressure hydrogen storage. Resulting from mechanical design considerations,

Although I currently do not own an SUV, I continue to see people opening their lift-gates and having to move back so that it does not hit them in the chin when it opens or on the head when it closes.


“GoldDrive” is an infinitely variable, bi-directional drive consisting of hydraulic fixed displacement pumps and motors. As a matter of fact “GoldDrive” is the hydraulic equivalent of the mechanical differential. The idea behind the development of “GoldDrive” is to overcome the limitation of starting torque.

The mainly new design mechanism consists of with an air intake tubular set and exhaust tubular set. both sets are with an inner tube that is driven by the crankshaft though the driving chain at 1:2 ratio.

The main work of an INLET CAMSHAFT is to operate the valves for fluid flow into the combustion chamber. The camshaft consists of Cams with high and/or low lifts for valves on top of engine cylinder (i.e., OHCS). Now in IVVL,

This is an attractive, affordable ‘human-amplifier’ in the form of a compact electric bicycle. It is disruptively innovative in ALL the key areas: size, weight, cost, ease of use and appeal. It has a new folding system that puts the clear,

Most power plants for motorized vehicle transportation utilize fossil-fuel burning power plants known as internal combustion engines (ICE) that produce carbon gas emission hazardous to human health and the environment. Introduction of EV technology attempts to minimize the unintended unacceptable side effects of the ICE technology.

The large vehicle passing maneuver assistance device (LVPMAD) is designed to assist motorists to safely pass a large vehicle. The LVPMAD processors would track the speed of the large vehicle, location and speed of the passing vehicle.

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