Ocean plastic waste is as challenging as the land or city plastic waste management. Because of this plastic waste, many aquatic living organisms are in danger. Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans. It's equivalent to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world. There have been many types of research done concerning this problem but only a few possible solutions has ever been proposed. But this design will be our solution that the world has been waiting for.

This project is about building a garbage collecting mechanism in oceans that are installed in every maritime transport to collect plastic garbage wherever they will go. Maritime transport ...

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Concept by Balint Szent-Miklosy | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Illustrations by Nicholas Fischer | email@nicholasfischer

Concept: Pickup trucks will be more aptly named once they actually pick up their load.

This product is designed to ease the physical burdens of loading heavier cargo into the bed of an otherwise standard pickup truck. It is intended as a factory-installed insert for the back of a standard light truck.

It would be sold as a dealer-option for general consumer truck-buyers as well as anyone who relies on their pickup truck to haul light loads commercially.

How it works:

The standard tailgate is reconfigured to open laterally, allowing a fork attached to a steel space-frame to slide along a pair of tracks and ...

Passenger vehicles are the main energy consumer and major contributor of ever-increasing hazardous emissions. Transportation professionals have raised the idea of applying the green concept in various areas of transportation, including green highways, green vehicles and transit-oriented designs, to tackle the negative impact of road transportation.

This idea is in a new dimension called the green driver to remediate urgently the existing driving assessment models that have intensified emissions and energy consumption. In this regard, this study aimed to establish the green driver’s behaviors related to fuel saving and emission reduction.

New Concept in Emission Reduction
Mapping the Skill of the Driver by VR technology on different region and Country
Mapping the Data to the connected vehicle.

Future electric vehicles will be powered either by batteries or fuel cells that convert hydrogen to electricity. Currently, the batteries that power electric vehicles are installed in a flat cuboid space, whereas large cylindrical vessels are used for conventional high-pressure hydrogen storage. Resulting from mechanical design considerations, the vehicle body would necessitate withstanding massive changes. Since these modifications of the vehicle architecture exert substantial cost-factor, it is desirable to develop a novel hydrogen storage system that fits into identical installation area as the batteries.

Our idea to address the bottleneck problem lies in the regime of seeking adaptive optimization between objectives of fuel efficiency and shape factor. The problem of maximizing on-board gaseous fuel storage is being addressed through ...

Although I currently do not own an SUV, I continue to see people opening their lift-gates and having to move back so that it does not hit them in the chin when it opens or on the head when it closes. The way typical lift-gates open and close also makes it difficult to operate when a vehicle is parked close behind. My idea is to make a dual-hinged lift-gate whereby the bottom half of the lift-gate remains vertical while the upper half opens normally (see attached example). When someone opens the lift-gate it will essentially move straight up and not out. The mechanism might be a little bit complicated, but not ...


“GoldDrive” is an infinitely variable, bi-directional drive consisting of hydraulic fixed displacement pumps and motors. As a matter of fact “GoldDrive” is the hydraulic equivalent of the mechanical differential. The idea behind the development of “GoldDrive” is to overcome the limitation of starting torque. According to the traditional equation, torque is equal to power over speed and as a result, we need an infinite amount of torque to start a load at zero output speed. The solution is Slippage, slippage of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic transmissions. “GoldDrive” enables us to achieve full torque at zero output speed.

Principles of operation:

Basically, GoldDrive consist of one hydraulic motor with fixed body running CW and on its output shaft ...

The mainly new design mechanism consists of with an air intake tubular set and exhaust tubular set. both sets are with an inner tube that is driven by the crankshaft though the driving chain at 1:2 ratio. Both sets are with outer tube that driven by signal from ECU to control the timing changing. The two sets are located in the cylinder head. The two-set cooperating make engine compression cycle to be shorter than the power stroke, this means to run Atkinson cycle to get better thermal efficiency and lower emission.

The air intake set to guide airflow pass the open port of outer tube into inner tube ports then flow through inner tube out port that overlap to ...

The main work of an INLET CAMSHAFT is to operate the valves for fluid flow into the combustion chamber. The camshaft consists of Cams with high and/or low lifts for valves on top of engine cylinder (i.e., OHCS). Now in IVVL, the regular cams (2-Dimensional) are replaced with Camoids (3-Dimensional). Camoids have two different types of motions i.e., Rotation & Translation. The rotation gives the lift and the translation gives the change in amount of lift.

The mechanism mainly consists of five parts: Camoid, Governor, Spring, Solid & Hollow Shafts. Camoids are mounted/attached to hollow-shaft. The governor and hollow-shaft will mount on top of solid-shaft. Also the governor has two sleeves, one is fixed to solid-shaft and the other ...

This is an attractive, affordable ‘human-amplifier’ in the form of a compact electric bicycle. It is disruptively innovative in ALL the key areas: size, weight, cost, ease of use and appeal. It has a new folding system that puts the clear, spoke-less wheels together to form a single ‘wheel’ with a telescopic handle to roll like most modern luggage.

Portable, the size and weight of carry-on luggage, it can easily become a ‘human-amplifier’
Riding it 'amplifies' walking effort by three to six times.
It can shrink the 30 minutes’ walk from the station to home, into an easy 7 minute 'glide' home and speeds up hills effortlessly. You can roll the device into your home where it ...

Most power plants for motorized vehicle transportation utilize fossil-fuel burning power plants known as internal combustion engines (ICE) that produce carbon gas emission hazardous to human health and the environment. Introduction of EV technology attempts to minimize the unintended unacceptable side effects of the ICE technology. Attempts were made to replace ICE with electric motors to minimize the pollution problem. Hybrid power plants were introduced but the heavy electric motor system penalizes the power to load weight ratio reflecting an inefficient mechanical drive system.

The I x B engine utilizes Lorentz force to drive the piston. It produces constant force during the work load operation whereas the ICE produces a diminishing pressure in the combustion chamber. The I x ...

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