The TEC HVAC is a modification to the automotive transportation’s heating and cooling climate control system. The system shall be designed to integrate into a vehicle’s existing climate control system but shall incorporate stored thermal energy to cool and heat the vehicle’s cabin compartment;

Overcome consumer reluctance to the adoption of self-driving car technology by anthropomorphizing a separate AI-controlled self-driving vehicle which controls the navigation and operation of a connected passenger compartment. Within certain safety parameters,

TransNet 2.0- an integrated transportation system for the 21st century

Ground transportation in its different modes (road, rail, pipelines, utilities, etc) represent a growing requirement for a modern society.

PROBLEM/MOTIVE: In Cycling, the Cyclist faces two obstacles:
-there is dead-center at top of pedal-stroke, where Cyclist must apply huge force resulting in negligible torque and
-there is not even slight helping overlapping of pedaling power-periods (when Cyclist produces work),

Have you ever found yourself driving behind a semi-trailer truck? If you’re on a single-lane highway or road, it can be a nightmare. Even though the truck is driving relatively slowly, you cannot overtake it due to its size,

The problem statement chosen was to build a model that makes sure that the rules for the speed limit are followed in every road segment and thus reducing the possibility of accidents and ensures safer automobile systems.

My prototype has two functions in one: protect yours car door from being hit by other cars doors or by a shopping cart. It is novel because it will come handling to put on and will be at low cost and safe.

The two-stroke internal combustion engine was never developed properly. It is known to be a more efficient type of engine, with reduced pumping losses, compared to the four-stroke engine - diesel two-stroke engines used in ships are the most efficient design of internal combustion engine.

There is a lot of need for green clean and cheap fuels in the world. The main source of energy for 150 years has been fossil fuels. However, the world is running out of this source rapidly and there are detrimental effects of its use e.g.

It is well known that piston secondary motion affects the dynamics of the piston/ring/liner system in an internal combustion engine. A number of analytical models have been proposed to understand and control its effect on engine noise, engine friction and oil consumption. Also,

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