Rescue time is often affected when ambulances are stuck in traffic jam, and the cost of purchase and maintenance is too high for the rural and poor areas to allocate ambulances. Shutter Motor is a small pioneer electric three-wheeled vehicle.

The Major Problems:
➤internal combustion engine [ICE] and turbine/engine exhaust pollutes, destroying the environment and heath of all living things incl.

Urban Transportation is a very important matter in highly dense cities. Density creates challenges for urban transportation because of crowding and the expense of providing infrastructure in built-up areas. This is because most peoples who need transportation are the one who works on a regular basis.

Living in New Zealand, one of the challenges we face especially during the winter months is sun-strike while driving. This is due to the sun being low in the sky on clear winter mornings or evenings.

The Split Rail Transit System intends to double rail capacity by using a single track instead of two.

Ever since the Stage Coach, boxes on wheels were designed to carry freight and passengers. Newer, sleeker and more comfortable boxes kept the same basic design concept.

The motion battery business plan

The motion battery was developed to generate additional revenue for vehicle manufacturers by charging customers for electricity while the vehicle is in motion over the life span of that vehicle. The motion battery was also developed to pay drivers to drive.

Using big data, people will get optimized transportation to work and back home (rush hours) by public and shared transportation means. Every day, each individual will be picked up from home at a predetermined time and brought back by the end of the day.

My design idea relates to energy engineering and more particularly to the alternative energy technology of getting power from physical forces, operating without burning fuel.

The first industrial revolution (1760 - 1840) used fuel, water and steam to mechanize production and transportation.

Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) rail provides a virtually frictionless way to transport people and goods at high speeds of 300 mph (480 km/h) or more.

Please find hereby a system of quick changing superstructures on the vehicle chassis of any manufacturer. Your vehicle can change its application in about 3-4 minutes. For example, a dump truck turns into a tank truck for liquids, or a concrete mixer turns into a platform for transporting containers.

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