Design Statement:
Design consists of the following main parts.
1. Electric Bike
2. Road Surface
3. Rail Track
4. Panto-graph
5. Cylindrical / Conical Shaped Rollers
6. Led Displays or Notification Boards
7. Internal threading in Wheel hub to hold and support cylindrical/ conical rollers

Motorbike vehicle runs on the road surface for normal distance. For long trip or journey, motorbike engines/wheels are powered by electrical energy, running on the rail tracks with the help of cylindrical / conical shaped rollers. LED Displays or Notification Boards are placed along the path of track to provide journey-related information to the ...

The scooter is designed to increase the comfort of movement without harming the environment and nature.

Its quiet and smooth ride will help you enjoy the ride.

Two front wheels increase driving stability. While cornering, he can lean a little to the side for safe maneuvering.

This scooter can be used to get around the city. Also, he will feel confident on a country road, on park paths and easy ...

“ Electro Magnetic Wave capture and controlling device. ”

Most people would have heard of Nikola Tesla’s experiments in providing the world with wireless electrical power, unfortunately he did not show any practical way of achieving it.

He may have been inspired by the Crystal Radio, first discovered in 1874 though it wasn’t put into commercial use until the very early 20th century. The great thing about a crystal radio is that it doesn’t need a separate power source, since all the power it needs is picked up from the antenna, with the power coming from the radio transmitter that originates the radio wave. There is a method of capturing and controlling the electro magnetic waves from the electro magnetic ...

Background of Problem:
Hy-Tech Plating employs 2 full size cargo vans & a medium size box truck to provide pick-up & delivery services to local customers. Increasing Bay Area traffic was adding to travel times, & the limited floor space of the cargo vans (unlike the box truck) would often get filled with cargo after just one or two pick-ups. Once full, the vans were forced to return to Hy-Tech Plating for unloading. Many days there was not enough time remaining to send them out again, resulting in lost revenue & upset customers.

Product Solution:
To help Hy-Tech Plating avoid the added expense of replacing the cargo vans with box trucks, Hy-Tech Plating developed a product that nearly doubles each van’s useable ...

There are two ongoing revolutions in modern automotive industry. The first is the development of autonomous vehicles which is leading to greatly improved safety, traffic economy, environment and passenger comfort. The global autonomous vehicle market is estimated to be $54.23 billion in 2019, and is projected to achieve $556.67 billion by 2026. The second is the development of green propulsion systems, envisaging improving fuel efficiency. For example, in the US, the average on-road fuel economy of new cars and light trucks is expected to be 36-37 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2025. In comparison, the average of today’s on-road fleet is 21 mpg. The intersection of the autonomous vehicles and green propulsion systems is the future trend. However, there ...

Our cities are increasingly congested and polluted. The average London driving commuter spent over 9 days waiting in traffic last year, and the city broke its annual air pollution target by the end of January. But it doesn’t have to be like this: a new generation of electric micro vehicles that can move people quickly, efficiently, and cleanly is emerging.

Of these, electric bicycles have seen the strongest consistent growth in recent years with sales across Europe exploding from 0.1 million units in 2006 to over 2 million in 2017 worth €3.2bn, that’s an average growth rate of 28% per year for over a decade. Folding bikes, meanwhile, have been around for much longer. There is a growing consumer ...

Four cylinder IC engine with NO crankshaft.

The principal BENEFIT of a Scotch Yolk mechanism as used in an IC engine is to provide a piston with a connecting rod attachment that nearly eliminates the piston skirt and cylinder scuffing caused by the angular thrust between the piston and cylinder wall. However, as traditionally used, this mechanism is plagued by sliding friction and high contact pressures associated with the yolk design. The attached video is of a proof-of-concept prototype engine design that eliminates this rapid wear.

The base engine concept is that of a pair of common-axis, two cylinder modules incorporating the cylinders, cylinder heads and pistons of four Kawasaki 340 engines. By using a number of commercially available ...

The Freight Transport System

One of the key components for the future of a country is an efficient, effective, and scalable infrastructure. As such, I propose a major addition to the transportation infrastructure. This proposal greatly improves freight handling efficiency and cost, while significantly reducing environmental impact. It uses existing technology in a new and significantly improved way to create massive long term, high paying jobs at every level in multiple industries as well as local and federal governments. It also creates an infrastructure of great value to national security in the event of a crises or war.

Problem Statement:
For decades there has been a major shortage of long-haul truck drivers resulting in fatigue, sleep deprivation, and little time for families. ...

Blind zone areas can be eliminated by properly adjusting rear mirrors in a vehicle. The Intelligent View System (IVS) is an easily installed hardware that employs automated adjustment of the rear mirrors relative to the head position of the motorist.

The FV hardware compose of a microcontroller and a camera that are easily installed into the car.The FV is initiated once the car is started. The camera is then turned on. The frames captured by the camera is processed by the microcontroller. If there is no face detected, the camera keeps relaying the frames to the microcontroller until the motorist’s face is detected. Once the motorist’s face is detected, a comfort zone area is automatically set up. This is ...

After years of research I (Diji N J) was able to scientifically explain art of levitation of yogis.

Diamagnetic materials can be repelled, (in a non-uniform field Diamagnetic materials are repelled from the region of greater magnetic field) and magnetic materials can be attracted by strong magnetic field.

Neurons in brain can emit electric signals. Electric signal can produce electromagnetic field. Thoughts can stimulate neuron to produce electric signal. Many small electromagnetic fields can be combined to produce large electromagnetic field, by aligning source of EM field. Brain contains billions of neurons. By controlling thoughts, it is possible to synchronously stimulate each neuron in brain such that EM field produced is perfectly aligned to generate a very strong EM ...

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