This approach describes a technique to be able to transfer large amounts of electrical energy from a stable platform to a high velocity moving vehicle in a near vacuum environment with no physical contact. In some of the new Hyperloop type transport systems,

Mobile vendors carry their goods by hire of three/four wheeler pedal or engine goods carriage, or by walking. Because they do not have a huge space at their home to garage the van/car.

Perpetual Motion Automotive Motor ( A "zero emission vehicle" )

In the years and decades to come oil will become exceedingly expensive as the oil was not grown for industrial use but rather harvested from earth's deposits.

The Romanian concept of active suspension with pneumatic actuators is in patent application OSIM-A/00368/28.05.2015 and was in PCT/EP2016/061515_23.05.2016 and is able to large static and dynamic car trim adjusting, assuring thus:
• ground clearance increasing on bad road to protect the passengers and the car;

Boats, ships, passenger ferries, fishing vessels, and cargo vessels are getting capsized frequently due to accidents, head-on collisions, overloading etc. Many peoples lose their lives due to non availability of help, support, and life boats.

"One small step for Automotive, One giant leap for Aerospace."

Apollo 11, 747s, Concordes: 66 years after Kitty Hawk. 134 years after Daimler_Benz's unipiston tricycle we've added one pneumatic wheel, myriad microinnovations incrementally improving thermal efficiency (20%.)
Small steps indeed, considering another 80% waste: "25lb new tire, 20lb scrapped”

Electric vehicles in the form of cars, trucks and forklifts are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The majority of these designs rely on a gear drive system to provide the correct ratio between motor RPM and wheel speed.

Over 38,000 people die annually in automobile accidents in the U.S. alone with a society cost of over 700 billion. Machine vision commanding self-driving vehicles can have a dramatic reduction and almost eliminate human-caused accidents.

Here is a “door to door” transportation system that preserves all the beloved features of our cars while, at the same time, drastically cutting energy usage, emissions, costs, commute time and other inconveniences of present day driving.

So, what does this system look like?

Rescue time is often affected when ambulances are stuck in traffic jam, and the cost of purchase and maintenance is too high for the rural and poor areas to allocate ambulances. Shutter Motor is a small pioneer electric three-wheeled vehicle.

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