Cleaning the shower should not be hard for anyone. A Teflon- or ceramic-coated shower would repel water and dirt from the surface walls. Who wants to spend an hour scrubbing dirt from scum ridden walls?

Clinical Motivation: Heart failure, a clinical syndrome resulting in impairment of ventricular filling or the ejection of blood is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality across the world. Left ventricular remodeling, a mechanistic response to myocardial injury, has been shown to underlie the progression to heart failure.


In the world, usage of electricity is increased day by day for each and every purpose of people. If the necessity of electricity increased but the production level is low. The main purpose of this invention is cost effective, without fuel, no pollution, noiseless,

Environmental contaminants like total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) persist for decades in soils and sediments, and have been linked to cancer, immune and nervous system disorders, reproductive and developmental abnormalities, learning disorders, birth defects, and other health concerns.

Take a walk around the edge of your garden, and with each step you trim the edge of your lawn.

Easily attachable to your boots/gardening shoes, every time you step down closes the clipper and cuts the grass. When you lift your feet,

There is a major problem on the planet with air pollution from vehicles. This problem is causing major health problems with people in cities where the air pollution is prevalent. We are spending billions of dollars to try and fix the problem with the air pollution from vehicles,

eiTampon, the solution of the future for today's woman.

eiTampon is a paradigm shift in the management of the menstrual period that integrates and complements the best of old methods with cutting-edge technology, creating an entirely new method for the well-being of today's woman thought from the future.

We bring to your attention the electric drive of the roadtrain semi-trailer axle.

The device is installed on the semi-trailer axle. Instead of standard brake discs, the star gears and 2 asynchronous motors are put,

Design Statement:
Design consists of the following main parts.

Solar still technology is well developed. Solar stills today can be manufactured easily and cheaply. Solar stills are one of the cheapest ways to produce fresh water. A solar still that could provide both freshwater and electric would be a boon to the world.

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